Obituaries J to L

JACKMAN, James (died 27 May 1916 at Woodford)

JACKSON, John Henry (died 2 February 1915 at Casterton)

JACKSON, Joseph (died 16 January 1940 at Camperdown)

JACOBY, Sigismund (died 15 September 1917 at St Kilda)

JAMES, Henry Cottenham (died 4 November 1898 at Casterton) 

JARRATT, George (died November 1919 at Portland)

JEFFERS, Jonas (died June 1933 at Cobden)  

JELBART, Joseph (died 17 January 1904 at Carapook)

JENKINS, William Gordon (died 28 December 1916 at Hawkesdale)

JENNINGS, John (died 18 March 1910 at Hamilton)  

JENNINGS, Margaret (died 19 May 1927 at Heywood)  Daughter of Hannah BIRCHALL

JESSUP, Elvina (died January 1920 at Warrnambool)

JOHNS, Phillipa  (died July 1931 at Portland)

JOHNSTONE, John  (died October 1930 at Portland)  Brother of Mary Ann JOHNSTONE

JOHNSTONE, Mary Ann  (died 22 December 1951 at Portland)  Sister of John JOHNSTONE

JONES, Edwin John (died 21 July 1928 at Dartmoor)  

JONES, Marion Nunn  (died 11 November 1936 at Bridgewater) Wife of William Forward HEDDITCH

JONES, Mary Jane  (died March 1932 at Portland)

KAY, George  (died 11 November 1915 at Stawell)

KEAN, James  (died 11 October 1926 at Ararat)

KEAN, Thomas  (died 8 August 1892 at Portland)

KEARNEY, Mary (died 27 January 1892 at Hamilton)

KEARTON, Eliza Mary  (died March 1891 at Creswick)  Wife of William TULLOH

KEATING, Mary D.  (died 8 November 1914 at Port Fairy)

KEEN, Samuel  (died 21 April 1914 at Hamilton)

KEEPING, Ann Eliza  (died 9 July 1921 at Portland)

KELLY, James (died August 1917 at Hamilton) 

KELLY, John  (died 7 February 1915 at Macarthur)

KELLY, John  (died 7 February 1914 at St. Helens)

KELLY, Mary (died 25 June 1913 at Ballarat) 

KELLY, Mary  (died 19 November 1916 at Stawell)

KENDALL, Elizabeth (died 8 September 1903 at Apollo Bay) New

KENNAN, John Edward (died November 1917 at Hamilton)

KENNEDY, Christina (died 1 November 1909 at Hamilton) 

KENNEDY, George  (died June 1959 at Hamilton)

KENNEDY, John James (died 20 October 1939 at Bridgewater)

KENNEY, Mary  (died 19 November 1941 at St. Kilda)

KENT, Michael (died 21 September 1918 at Casterton)  

KERR, Annie  (died November 1947 at Portland)  Sister of Mark KERR

KERR, Elizabeth Adams (died 1 June 1913 at Hamilton)  

KERR, Mark  (died 31 December 1925 at Portland)  Brother of Annie KERR

KESSELL, Mary  (died 7 September 1917 at Ararat)

KILPATRICK, Ann (died March 1903 at Sandford) Wife of John Scott GRANT  

KING, Samuel (died 29 October 1940 at Cobden)

KINNANE, Patrick  (died 9 January 1915 at Port Fairy)

KINSELLA, Elizabeth (died 6 December 1914 at Hamilton)

KIRBY, John Finn  (died 7 April 1942 at Portland)  Son of Mary FINN

KIRKPATRICK, Alice Edith (died 22 September 1952 at Melbourne) Wife of Robert Ernest McARTHUR

KIRKWOOD, Jane (died 2 September 1944 at Hamilton) Daughter of William KIRKWOOD and Jane O’MAY 

KIRKWOOD, William (died 10 November 1898 at Buckley  Swamp)  Husband of Jane O’MAY  

KITTSON, James  (died 20 May 1911 at Melbourne)  Father of James Trotter, Rebecca, Robert and Susannah KITTSON

KITTSON, James Trotter  (died 11 December 1945 at Cape Bridgewater)  Son of James KITTSON.  Brother of Rebecca and Robert KITTSON

KITTSON, Rebecca  (died 4 January 1929 at Portland)  Daughter of James KITTSON. Sister of James Trotter, Robert and Susannah KITTSON. Mother of Robert Arthur LIGHTBODY

KITTSON, Robert Steven  (died 8 April 1948 at Lower Cape Bridgewater)  Son of James KITTSON. 

KITTSON, Susannah  (died 3 June 1926 at Portland)  Daughter of James KITTSON. Sister of James Trotter, Rebecca and Robert KITTSON

KLUG, Carl (died 5 November 1897 at Hamilton)

LAIDLAW, Adam Gordon (died 1 August 1918 at Melbourne) Son of Walter LAIDLAW, Nephew of  James, Robert, and Thomas LAIDLAW, Cousin of Helen, Margaret, and Thomas Haliburton LAIDLAW

LAIDLAW, David (died 22 November 1913 at Hamilton) Father of Florence Helena LAIDLAW

LAIDLAW, Florence Helena (died 26 August 1944 at Malvern) Daughter of David LAIDLAW

LAIDLAW, Helen (died 18 December 1915 at Hamilton) Daughter of James LAIDLAW, Sister of Margaret LAIDLAW, Niece of Robert, Thomas and Walter LAIDLAW, Cousin of Adam Gordon and Thomas Haliburton LAIDLAW

LAIDLAW, James (died 1 July 1892 at Amphitheatre) Father of Helen and Margaret LAIDLAW, Brother of Robert, Thomas, and Walter LAIDLAW, Uncle of Adam Gordon and Thomas Haliburton LAIDLAW   

LAIDLAW, Margaret (died July 1935 at Hamilton) Wife of Thomas Philip, Daughter of James LAIDLAW, Sister of Helen LAIDLAW, Niece of Robert, Thomas and Walter LAIDLAW, Cousin of Adam Gordon and Thomas Haliburton LAIDLAW  

LAIDLAW, Robert (died 28 October 1914 at Beulah) Brother of James, Thomas and Walter LAIDLAW. 

LAIDLAW, Thomas  (died 12 January 1915 at Macarthur)  Father of Thomas Haliburton LAIDLAW.  Brother of James, Robert and Walter LAIDLAW. Husband of Christina LINTON

LAIDLAW, Thomas Haliburton  (died September 1941 at Hamilton)  Son of Thomas LAIDLAW, Cousin of Adam Gordon, Margaret, and Helen LAIDLAW

LAIDLAW, Walter  (died December 1906 at Apsley)  Father of Adam Gordon LAIDLAWBrother of James, Robert and Thomas LAIDLAW

LAING, Agnes Isabel (died 7 March 1944 at Port Fairy)

LAMB, Jane (died 1 July 1890 at Heywood) Mother of Johanna STEVEN and Grandmother of Isabella REID 

LASCELLES, Edward Harewood  (died 12 February 1917 at Geelong)

LAURIE, James Park Dawson  (died 2 December 1928 at Naracoorte, South Australia) Son of Janet NICOL and Half Brother of Janet Isabella Mary BLACK

LAVERY, Patrick  (died 19 November 1905 at Minimay)

LAYH, Carl (died 2 October 1917 at Brighton)

LEAHY, Elizabeth  (died 15 October 1916 at Cavendish)

LEAR, Benjamin (died 21 May 1928 at Branxholme) Husband of Jenny Sage CRABBIE 

LEARMONTH, Alexander  (died 8 February 1874 at Hamilton)  Brother of Peter LEARMONTH. Uncle of Mary Simpson LEARMONTH and James Allan LEARMONTH

LEARMONTH, Edgar Thomson (died 8 July 1933 at Mount Gambier) Son of James Allan LEARMONTH, Grandson of Peter LEARMONTH, Grandson of James THOMSON  

LEARMONTH, James Allan (died 29 October 1928 at Hamilton) Son of Peter LEARMONTH and Mary Jarvey PEARSON, Brother of Mary Simpson LEARMONTH,  Nephew of Alexander LEARMONTH 

LEARMONTH, Mary Simpson  (died 2 April 1939 at Hamilton)  Daughter of Peter LEARMONTH and Mary Jarvey PEARSON, Sister of James Allan LEARMONTH, Niece of Alexander LEARMONTH

LEARMONTH, Peter  (died 19 July 1893 at Hamilton)  Husband of Mary Jarvey PEARSON; Father of Mary Simpson LEARMONTH and James Allan LEARMONTH, Brother of Alexander LEARMONTH, Grandfather of Edgar Thomson LEARMONTH

LEE, George Duke  (died June 1915 at Hamilton)

LEISHMAN, Robert  (died 28 August 1917 at Port Fairy)

LEMPRIERE, Anne Josephine Selina (died 12 February 1943 at Melbourne)

LESSER, Abraham (died 13 November 1886 at Coleraine) Brother of Louis LESSER; Husband of Elizabeth MAY

LESSER, Louis (died 19 June 1921 at Coleraine) Brother of Abraham LESSER;  Husband of Evelyn MAY  

LEWIS, Joseph  (died 27 August 1916 at Port Fairy)

LEWIS, Richard  (died September 1890 at Digby)  Stepfather of William Sudgen Price LEWIS

LEWIS, William Sudgen Price  (died 4 October 1915 at Hamilton)  Stepson of Richard LEWIS, Husband of Marslie May ROBERTSON

LEY, Charles Arthur (died 17 January 1943 at Casterton)

LIDDELL, James Donaldson (died 3 February 1878 at Queenscliff) 

LIGHTBODY, Robert Arthur  (died April 1949 at Drik Drik)  Son of Rebecca KITTSON

LINKE, Friedrich (died 29 January 1918 at Lake Linlithgow) 

LINTON, Christina Ross (died August 1926 at Hamilton) Wife of Thomas LAIDLAW 

LITTLE, Thomas (died 5 April 1917 at Camperdown)

LODGE, James (died 31 July 1918 at Casterton)

LORD, Eliza (died 24 December 1934 at Port Campbell) Wife of John Thomas BOWKER 

LORD, Mary (died 23 August 1914 at Karabeal)

LORD, Samuel  (died 18 November 1906 at Pomberneit) Husband of Anne WILLIAMS

LORD, Thomas Stewart (died 12 September 1954 at Warrnambool)

LOUREY, Mary  (died 3 May 1941 at Glenormiston)

LOVETT, Eliza Kardinia (died 30 November 1929 at Pomberneit) Wife of Alfred LUCAS

LUCAS, Alfred (died 9 June 1938 at Pomberneit) Husband of Eliza Kardinia LOVETT 

LUCAS, John (died 5 December 1915 at Macarthur)

LUNDY, Agnes  (died 16 April 1916 at Horsham)

LUXTON, William  (died 4 June 1903 at Hamilton)

LYALL, William (died May 1931 at Melbourne)

LYON, Basil McConchie  (died 7 August 1916 at Coleraine)


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