Obituaries A to C

ADAMS, Edward (died 23 February 1952 at Cobden) 

ADAMSON, Thomas Edmund (died 25 February 1937 at Hamilton)

AGNEW, James   (died 10 August 1942 at Hamilton)

AHERN, Mary (died 17 January 1917 at Hamilton)

ALEXANDER, Annie Gray  (died 14 March 1937 at Toorak)

ALFORD, William  (died June 1916 at Ellerslie)

ALGIE, James  (died 17 April at Stawell)

ALLSOP, Mary Ann  (died 10 April 1953 at Port Campbell)

ANDERSON, Adrian  (died 16 January 1932 at Horsham)

ANDERSON, Margaret  (died 20 November 1916 at Port Fairy)

ANDERSON, Thomas (died 12 July 1870 at Portland)

ANDERSON, William Henry (died 23 December 1950 at Ballarat)

ANDERSON, William Primrose  (died 26 May 1927 at Portland)

ANDREW, John Stevens  (died 5 October 1918 at Merino Downs)

ANDREWS, Catherine Forbes (died September 1901 at Hamilton)  

ANDREWS, Mary Ann  (died 23 April 1918 at Port Fairy)

ANDREWS, Mary Ann (died 31 March 1940 at Colac)  

ANNETT, Henry  (died 29 September 1927 at Wallacedale)

ARMSTRONG, Alexander (died 12 January 1890 at Shelford) Brother of Christian Armstrong; Uncle of John THOMSON

ARMSTRONG, Christian (died 24 October 1906 at Hamilton) Wife of James THOMSON; Mother of Annie THOMSONJohn THOMSON; Mary THOMSON; William Armstrong THOMSON

ARMSTRONG, Jane  (died 29 January 1920 at Hamilton) Wife of Robert HEANY

ARMSTRONG, William  (died 5 October 1917 at Colac)

ARNOTT, William (died 2 May 1900 at Hamilton) Husband of Alice SANDRY

ARTIS, Samuel  (died February 1938 at Port Fairy)

AUSTIN, Harriet (died June 1917 at Hamilton)  

BADNALL, Charles Henry Fiennes  (died 20 November 1885 at Portland)

BAILEY, Thomas  (died 23 July 1914 at Ballarat)

BAILEY, William  (died 25 April 1906 at Ballarat)

BAKER, Joseph Levi Richard  (died 27 November 1950 at Hamilton)

BAKER, Robert Ernest  (died 4 May 1943 at Larpent)

BALKIN, Patrick  (died 17 May 1916 at Hamilton)

BALLMENT, Arthur  (died 26 August 1916 at Perth Western Australia)

BARCLAY, Janet (died 4 September 1916 at Hamilton) 

BARKER, Sarah  (died May 1917 at Ararat)

BARNES, Henry Bond (died 21 June 1915 at Werribee)

BARNES, Richard (died October 1915 at Hamilton) 

BARNETT, James  (died 18 July 1892 at Portland)

BARRETT, Mary  (died 19 October 1918 at Ararat)

BARRY, Ellen (died 24 January 1882 at Colac)

BATES, David Edmund  (died 5 March 1938 at Casterton)

BAXTER, George  (died 8 January 1900 at Hamilton)

BEARDSLEY, Henry (died 9 September 1914 at Russell’s Creek)

BEATH, David Alexander (21 July 1883 at Hamilton)

BEATON, Mary (died 2 March 1915 at Hamilton)

BEGG, Thomas (died 3 September 1895 at Branxholme) Husband of Mary REID and Father of William BEGG  

BEGG, William (died 9 October 1915 at Branxholme)  Son of Thomas BEGG and Mary REID

BEGLEN, Ann  (died 7 June 1940 at Portland)

BEGLEN, Francis Thomas (died 11 July 1914 at Portland) 

BELL, Anne (died 4 July 1909 at Hamilton) Sister of James BELL 

BELL, Irwin  (died April 1940 at Hamilton) Son of James BELL

BELL, James  (died April 1923 at Mt. Eckersley) Brother of Anne BELL and Father of Irwin BELL

BENNETT, Emily Julia  (died May 1914 at Stawell)

BENNETT, Thomas  (died 25 September 1889 at Portland)

BERMINGHAM, Denis  (died 17 August 1917 at Port Fairy)

BERRY, JOHN  (died 12 November 1953 at Horsham)

BEST, FREDERICK  (died 29 February 1940 at Winslow)

BEST, Jabez (died 9 September 1903 at Branxholme) 

BEST, JOHN  (died 9 October 1907 at Portland)  Brother of Margaret BEST and Letitia BEST.

BEST, Letitia  (died 7 August 1941 at Melbourne)  Sister of John BEST and Margaret BEST.

BEST, Margaret  (died 7 September 1933 at Hamilton)  Sister of John BEST and Letitia BEST.

BEVAN, George  (died 17 October 1888 at Portland)

BEVAN, Thomas  (died August 1915 at Colac)  

BILSTON, Frederick William  (died August 1935 at Sandford)  Brother of John Henry Morris BILSTON

BILSTON, John Henry Morris  (died 17 June 1917 at Penola, South Australia)  Brother of Frederick William BILSTON.

BIRCHALL, Hannah  (died July 1889 at Bridgewater)  Mother of Margaret JENNINGS

BISSETT, Margaret  (died 14 September 1914 at Richmond)

BLACK, Archibald  (died 20 January 1912 at Camperdown)

BLACK, James  (died 17 September 1918 at Koroit)

BLACK, Janet Isabella Mary  (died 10 November 1941 at Mount Gambier, South Australia)  Daughter of Janet Nicol. Half-sister of Rachel BLACK and James Park Dawson LAURIE

BLACK, Rachel  (died 27 October 1941 at Kongorgong)  Half-sister of Janet Isabella Mary BLACK

BLOOMFIELD, Richard  (died 16 September 1901 at Hamilton)

BOASE, Edwin  (died July 1911 at Murtoa)

BODEY, John  (died 21 August 1916 at Camperdown)

BOWKER, John Thomas (died 23 March 1928 at Princetown) Husband of Eliza LORD

BOYD, James Alexander (died 10 November 1944 at Camperdown)

BOYLE, William  (died 3 January 1942 at Camperdown)

BRADSHAW, Charles  (died 13 August 1944 at Portland) 

BRADSHAW, William B.  (died 26 May 1915 at Ballarat) 

BRAIM, Thomas Henry (died October 1891 at Derbyshire, England) New

BRAKE, James Hugh (died 29 July 1915 at Mont Albert)  

BRAYSHAY, David (died 16 December 1888)

BREWIS, Elizabeth  (died 10 October 1918 at Ararat)

BROKENSHIRE, John (died 4 June 1914 at Hamilton) 

BROMELL, Thomas (died 9 October 1887 at Melbourne) Husband of Emma WALTER  

BROOKS, Thomas  (died 7 March 1888 at Hotspur)

BROWN, Elizabeth Moncreif (died 2 September 1900 at Hamilton) Daughter of Thomas BROWN  

BROWN, Louisa  (died 26 December 1937 at Camperdown)

BROWN, Margaret  (died October 1939 at Hamilton)

BROWN, Thomas  (died April 1903 at Hamilton) Father of Elizabeth Moncreif BROWN

BROWN, William (died December 1915 at Branxholme)

BROWN, William Clarke (died 28 October 1908 at Coleraine) Husband of Margaret SEFTON  

BROWNLAW, Samuel  (died 13 October 1917 at Tyrendarra)

BRYANT, Richard  (died 12 July 1919 at Hamilton)

BUCKNALL, Frederick  (died September 1908 at Dartmoor)

BURNELL, Mary  (died October 1910 at Stawell)

BURNETT, Sarah Ann  (died 7 September 1914 at Warrnambool)

BUSH, George  (died 18 November 1909 at Portland)

BUTLER, George Elias  (died 15 September 1918 at Hamilton)

BUTLER, Josiah (died 18 November 1890 at Hamilton)

BYRNE, Elizabeth (died 12 December 1917 at Tellangatuk) 

BYRNE, Luke  (died 18 June 1920 at Ballarat)

BYRNES, Elizabeth (died 30 September 1917 at Terang) 

BYRON, Alfred  (died 28 September 1916 at Denicull Creek)

CALDOW, Janet (died August 1918 at Caulfield) 

CALLAWAY, Eliza  (died 3 April 1942 at Maryborough)

CAMERON, Donald (died April 1870 at Campbellfield)  Husband of Sarah CAMERON

CAMERON, Donald (died 5 May 1879 at Portland) 

CAMERON, Hugh  (died February 1934 at Drumborg)

CAMERON, John (died 17 October 1947 at Natimuk)  

CAMERON, Mary (died 2 February 1929 at Camperdown) 

CAMERON, Sarah (died 8 July 1908 at Geelong) Wife of Donald CAMERON

CAMPBELL, Alexander  (died 25 May 1890 at South Yarra)

CAMPBELL, Archibald Thomas (died 29 October 1891 at Hamilton)  

CAMPBELL, George  (died November 1918 at Portland)

CAMPBELL, Hugh John Munro (died 24 October 1921 at St Kilda)  

CAMPBELL, Margaret  (died 10 March 1914 at Casterton)

CARBIN, Mahala  (died 14 October 1915 at Malvern)

CAREY, Bridget (January 1916 at Hamilton)

CARMICHAEL, George (died 30 October 1885 at Casterton) Brother of William CARMICHAEL 

CARMICHAEL, Thomas (died 5 January 1930 at Casterton)

CARMICHAEL, William  (died May 1890 at Macarthur)

CARTER, William (died 14 November 1927 at Hamilton)

CARTY, Richard Thomas (died 24 July 1917 at Hamilton)

CASEY, Michael  (died 8 September 1918 at Macarthur)

CATHELS, Colin  (died 26 October 1952 at Hamilton)

CAVE, Elizabeth (died 26 September 1944 at Cobden)   

CAWKER, John (died 17 June 1876 at Merino)

CHADDERTON, William (died November 1916 at Hamilton) Husband of Jane KIRKWOOD

CHAMBERS, Margaret Alice Werge (died December 1903 at Tahara)  

CHAPMAN, James (died 14 April 1886 at Colac)  

CHARMAN, George Edwin (died 21 December 1942 at Coleraine)

CHARTER, William  (died December 1888 at Portland)

CHIRNSIDE, Andrew (died 30 April 1890 at Colac) Brother of Thomas CHIRNSIDE  

CHIRNSIDE, Thomas (died June 1887 at Werribee)  Brother of Andrew CHIRNSIDE

CHRISTIE, Alexander (died 4 May 1914 at Hamilton) Brother of John CHRISTIE

CHRISTIE, John  (died 15 May 1918 at Byaduk) Brother of Alexander CHRISTIE

CLANCY, Reverend Mother Mary Josephine  (died February 1915 at sea)

CLARK, Sarah  (died 10 September 1915 at Ararat)

CLARKE, Anne (died 13 December 1892 at Portland)

CLARKE, Edward Henry (died 21 June 1918 at Digby)  

CLARKE, Janet Mason (died 17 December 1916 at South Yarra) 

CLARKE, Lindsay (died 16 October 1891 at Portland)

CLARKE, Phillip (died 26 June 1892 at Condah)

CLARKE, Thomas Denton  (died 5 October 1937 at Hamilton)  Son of Thomas Henry Clarke 

CLARKE, Thomas Henry (died 2 December 1865 at Merino) Father of Thomas Denton Clarke  

CLEARY, Johanna  (died 16 November 1916 at Chocolyn)

CLEMES, Alfred Bussell  (died 26 December 1917 at Stawell)

CLOHESY, Thomas  (died 24 April 1910 at Hamilton)

CLUNAN, Sarah (died September 1906 at Dunkeld) New

COATES, Thomas Christopher  (died 26 October 1915 at Buninyong)

COBB, Jane (died 4 November 1917 at Lower Crawford)

COFFEY, John  (died 9 February 1908 at Melbourne)

COGHLAN, John  (died 8 January 1918 at Garvoc)

COLDHAM, John (died 2 December 1882 at Grassdale)

COLE, Elizabeth  (died March 1942 at Bostocks Creek)  Mother of Robert DALZIELSister of Sarah Jane COLE

COLE, Nicholas  (died 22 June 1879 at Darlington)  Father of Nicholas COLE

COLE, Nicholas (died 22 November 1932 at Camperdown) Son of Nicholas COLE  

COLE, Sarah Jane (died March 1947 at Geelong) Sister of Elizabeth COLE; Aunt of Robert DALZIEL

COLES, James  (died 18 November 1944 at Stawell)

COLLIE, Ella Georgina (died 22 March 1941 at Cobden)

COLLINS, Jane Sophia (died 20 June 1940 at Dunkeld) Daughter of Mary POOK

COLLINS, Richard William (died 13 July 1902 at Hamilton) 

CONLAN, Bernard  (died 12 December 1918 at Dixie)

CONNELLY, Henry “Harry” (died January 1940 at Warrnambool)

COOK, Agnes Sarah  (died 18 January 1942 at Casterton)

COOKE, Cecil Pybus (died 30 September 1895 at Condah) Husband of Arbella WINTER

COOKE, Eliza Jane (died 29 June 1932 at Cobden)  

COOPER, John Joseph Thomas  (died March 1918 at Port Fairy)

CORBETT, Ellen J  (died December 1915 at Hamilton)

COTTER, Michael  (died 10 May 1913 at Dunrobin)

COUCH, Florence  (died 17 November 1954 at Surrey Hills)

COUCH, Joseph  (died 30 August 1911 at Portland)

COUGHLAN, Mary Ann (died August 1917 at Caramut) 

COULSON, Francis Stubbs  (died 10 April 1916 at Hamilton)

COWAN, Catherine  (died 14 December 1916 at Ararat)

COWAN, Duncan (died 21 October 1891 at Hamilton) 

COWELL, James  (died 24 February 1917 at Mortlake)

COWLAND, Alfred  (died 27 April 1908 at Casterton) Son of Mary PRATT; Brother of Henry COWLAND.

COWLAND, Henry  (died 21 October 1942 at Heywood) Son of Mary PRATT;  Brother of Alfred COWLAND.

COWLEY, Albion (died 1 January 1951 at Tandarook South 

COX, John Sinclair  (died 11 January 1918 at Hamilton)

COXON, George  (died 20 June 1892 at Portland)

CRABBIE, Jenny Sage  (died 17 December 1932 at Branxholme) Wife of Benjamin LEAR

CRIDLAND, Alice (died 16 May 1920 at Purrumbete)

CROMRIE, John (died 16 July 1927 at Warrnambool) 

CROSS, Samuel  (died 4 September 1901 at Hamilton)

CROUCH, Emma (died 11 April 1904 at Ballarat)

CUE, George (died 22 April 1897 at Casterton) Father of Kate CUE

CUE, Kate  (died 23 April 1917 at Port Fairy) Daughter of George CUE

CUMMING, Thomas Forest (died 30 July 1918 at Toorak)  

CUMMINGS, Edwin  (died 2 April 1892 at Portland)

CURRIE, Henry Alan (died 10 October 1942 at Burrumbeet)  Son of John Lang CURRIE 

CURRIE, John Lang  (died 11 March 1898 at St.Kilda) Father of Henry Alan CURRIE




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