Obituaries G to I

GAIN, Sybil  (died 28 April 1921 at Horsham)

GALE, Ruth  (died 5 December 1949 at Portland)

GALLACHER, John McLean (died 1 December 1933 at Hamilton)

GALLIE, David Wemyss  (died 12 January 1868 at Portland)

GAMBETTA, Peter  (died 5 June 1931 at Stawell)

GAMBLE, Edward  (died October 1897 at Colac)

GARDINER, William  (died 17 January 1904)

GEMMELL, George (died August 1945 at Camperdown) 

GEOMAN, Clara Quick  (died 24 September 1941 at Hamilton)

GERDTZ, Sophia  (died 5 June 1914 at Hamilton)

GHEOGHAN, Bridget (died 25 December 1917 at Casterton)

GIBSON, John Wishart  (died 10 February 1914 at Colac)

GILCHRIST, Matilda  (died 14 February 1914 at Hawthorn)

GILL, James Bruce (died 8 May 1918 at Sandford)

GILL, John (died 1 December 1918 at Koroit)

GILLESPIE, William John  (died 24 April 1914 at Hawthorn)

GILLIES, Florence  (died 16 December 1917 at Ararat)

GILLIES, John  (died May 1914 at Moonee Ponds)

GLADSTONE, Elizabeth  (died 18 September 1925 at Millicent, South Australia)

GOLDIE, James  (died 4 June 1924 at Port Fairy)

GOLDSMITH, Peter  (died 23 November 1909 at Portland)

GOODWIN, Thomas  (died 7 April 1914 at Rosebrook)

GORMAN, Agnes  (died 11 October 1916 at Rosebrook)

GORMAN, John  (died 18 June 1922 at Geelong)

GORRIE, Isabella  (died 18 September 1918 at Ararat)

GRADY, Catherine  (died 3 January 1916 at Macarthur)

GRANT, Catherine (died 7 December 1918 at Digby)

GRANT, John Scott (died 13 September 1879 at Sandford)   

GRAY, Charles (died 27 January 1905 at Kensington, London, England)  

GREGORY, Hannah (died 9 September 1916 at Penshurst)

GREED, John Weaver (died 8 July 1903 at Hamilton) 

GREENHAM, Mary  (died 5 January 1915 at Casterton)

GRIERSON, Mary  (died August 1914 at Port Fairy)

GRIFFITHS, Emma (died September 1936 at Irrewillipe)

GUBBINS, William Henry (died 9 August 1905 at Penshurst)

GULL, Helen  (died 18 January 1942 at Casterton)

GURRY, John  (died 24 May 1917 at Condah)

GUTHRIDGE, Frederick  (died 16 January 1933 at Ullswater)  Son of Eliza PITTS

GWYTHER, Marie (died 8 September 1919 at Hamilton)

HAFERKORN, Charles Ehrgott (died 10 October 1884 at Hamilton)  

HALL, Edward (died 8 August 1915 at Malvern)

HAMILTON, Barnabas (died 19 September 1907 at Kirkstall) Father of John Hope HAMILTON 

HAMILTON, James Charles (died 25 October 1927 at Apsley)  

HAMILTON, John Hope (died 13 September 1933 at Camperdown) Son of Barnabas HAMILTON

HAMMOND, Henry (died 4 July 1941 at Cobden) 

HANKS, James  (died 21 May 1909 at Horsham)

HANLEY, Catherine  (died 12 April 1929 at Hamilton)

HANLON, James (died 25 June 1940 at Casterton) Brother of William HANLON  

HANLON, William  (died 19 February 1923 at Portland) Brother of James HANLON

HANN, Rose Hannah (died 18 August 1934 at Portland) 

HANNON, Hannah  (died 14 October 1932 at Portland)

HARDINGHAM, Mrs Elizabeth  (died 3 January 1919 at Horsham)

HARMAN, Jonathan  (died April 1930 at Heywood)

HARRIES, John  (died 18 December 1914 at Stawell)

HARRIS, George Cornfield (died May 1904 at Colac)

HARVEY, Martin (died June 1929 at Cudgee)  

HARWOOD, Louisa Jane (died 5 July 1914)

HASSETT, Bridget  (died 14 August 1919 at Dundindin, Western Australia)

HATHERELL, Hannah  (died 13 April 1934 at Lyons)

HAUGH, John Charles  (died 12 January 1943 at Geelong)  Husband of Isabella McDONALD

HAY, Mrs Emma  (died 4 October 1888 at Portland)

HAYMAN, Ada Catherine  (died September 1934 at Portland)

HAYNES, George  (died 18 August 1916 at Port Fairy)

HAZELDINE, Eliza  (died 12 January 1941 at Portland)

HEALY, Margaret (died 8 June 1917 at Macarthur)

HEANY, Robert (died 20 August 1890 at Portland) Husband of Jane ARMSTRONG 

HEARN, George Henry (died 8 June 1910 at Hamilton)

HEAZLEWOOD, Robert  (died 3 August 1892 at Portland) Father of William Grange HEAZLEWOOD

HEAZLEWOOD, William Grange (died 10 July 1914 at Portland) Son of Robert HEAZLEWOOD 

HEDGES, Elizabeth (died 14 January 1942 at Portland) 

HEDDITCH, John Read  (died 12 August 1927 at Cape Bridgewater) Son of Rachel Forward READ; Brother of Mary HEDDITCH

HEDDITCH, Mary Thurza  (died 1 July 1930 at Drik Drik) Daughter of Rachel Forward READ; Sister of John Read HEDDITCH

HEDDITCH, William Forward (died 13 November 1839 at Cape Bridgewater) Son of Rachel Forward READ; Brother of  John Read HEDDITCH and Mary Thurza HEDDITCH  

HELPMAN, Walter Stephen (died 24 June 1914 at Warrnambool) Husband of Isabella MURRAY; Nephew of Jane PACE

HENNESSY, Thomas  (died 19 February 1908 at Horsham)

HENRY, Patrick  (died February 1942 at Terang)

HENRY, Thomas Gibson  (died 16 June 1920 at Portland)

HENTY, Agnes Cecil  (died 30 October 1945 at Nelson, New Zealand)  Sister of Anna Maria HENTY and Walter Thomas HENTY. Niece of Francis HENTY and James HENTY

HENTY, Anna Maria  (died 2 July 1921 at Hamilton)  Wife of Robert STAPYLTON-BREE. Daughter of Stephen James HENTY and Jane PACE; Sister of Agnes Cecil HENTY and Walter Thomas HENTY; Niece of Francis HENTY and James HENTY

HENTY, Caroline Agnes (died 1 October 1914 at Merino) Daughter of Francis HENTY, Niece of James HENTY, Cousin of Anna Maria HENTY 

HENTY, Francis  (died January 1889 at Kew)  Father of Caroline Agnes HENTY, Brother of James HENTY. Uncle of Anna Maria HENTY

HENTY, James  (died 12 January 1882 at Richmond)  Brother of Francis HENTY. Uncle of Anna Maria HENTY

HENTY, Stephen George (died 18 December 1872 at Tarrington) Husband of Jane PACE; Father of Agnes Cecil HENTY, Anna Maria HENTY, Walter Thomas HENTY; Brother of Francis HENTY and James HENTY 

HENTY, Walter Thomas (died 25 November 1917 at Hamilton) Brother of Anna Maria HENTY and Agnes Cecil HENTY.  Nephew of Francis HENTY and James HENTY 

HERBERTSON, Robert (died 23 January 1879 at Portland) Father of Thomas and Sarah HERBERTSON 

HERBERTSON, Sarah  (died September 1932 at Portland)  Daughter of Robert HERBERTSONSister of Thomas HERBERTSON.  Wife of Joseph Henry PORTER

HERBERTSON, Thomas  (died 17 January 1932 at Portland) Son of Robert HERBERTSON,  Brother of Sarah HERBERTSON

HERGER, Johanna Helena  (died 17 March 1918 at Yulecart)

HICKLETON, Robert  (died 14 September 1932 at Koroit)

HICKLING, Wyatt Ware (died 19 June 1916 at Macarthur)

HICKMER, Sarah Ann (died 16 October 1918 at Muddy Creek) 

HICKS, George (died 13 February 1894 at Stawell) 

HICKS, Sarah Anne (died 16 October 1918 at Mortlake)

HILL, Arthur Grainger  (died 7 April 1917 at Edenhope)

HILL, James Frederick (died October 1935 at Essendon)

HILL, Kate Isabella  (died 12 April 1934 at Wodonga)

HILL, William  (died 14 March 1916 at Warrnambool)

HILLS, Martha  (died 30 October 1908 at Portland)

HINDES, Marion Letitia  (died 13 March 1918 at Port Fairy)

HISCOCK, Mary Arabella “Minnie” (died 29 August 1941 at Hotspur)  

HOARE, Margaret  (died 16 December 1914 at Nhill)

HOGAN, Alfred Irvine  (died 8 February 1934 at Portland)

HOLDEN, William  (died 18 March 1910 at Hamilton)  

HOLDER, Charles  (died 21 July 1922 at Warrnambool)

HOLLARD, George Gilbert  (died 26 November 1912 at Wallacedale)

HOLLIS, Robert Henry  (died October 1946 at Portland)

HOLMES, Emma  (died March 1935 at Drik Drik)  Wife of William MULLEN

HOOD, Eliza Mary (died 22 January 1926 at Malvern)

HOOD, Robert Alexander David (died 10 April 1934 at Hexham)  

HOPE, Ann (died 20 July 1916 at Kirkstall)  

HORAN, Annie (died November 1930 at Elsternwick)

HORAN, Keeran (died 17 November 1892 at Croxton East)  

HORNE, John (died 6 April 1914 at Terang)  

HORWITZ, Henry (died February 1899 at St Kilda)  

HOULIHAN, Ellen (died 26 April 1917 at Mortlake)  

HOWARD, William  (died 28 September 1916 at Ararat)

HOWARTH, William (died September 1904 at Branxholme) New

HOWELL, John  (died 17 February 1915 at Orford)

HOWELL, William (died 7 October 1917 at Hamilton)

HULL, Thomas Wood (died 20 November 1868 at Hamilton)  

HUMPHREYS, Christopher (died 13 February 1943 at Kew) 

HUMPHRIES, Caroline  (died 8 June 1931 at Casterton)

HUNT, Caroline (died January 1925 at Brighton)

HUTCHENSON, John (died 27 March 1870 at Hamilton) Husband of Mary McDONALD

HUTCHINSON, Samuel  (died 21 December 1874 at Portland)

HUTTON, David  (died 9 October 1875 at Penshurst)  Father of John Alexander HUTTON and Thomas HUTTON

HUTTON, John Alexander (died 2 May 1908 at Penshurst) Son of David HUTTON; Brother of Thomas HUTTON

HUTTON, Thomas (died 5 January 1900 at Penshurst) Son of David HUTTON; Brother of John Alexander HUTTON

HUXLEY, John  (died 21 July 1918 at Portland)

HYLAND, Patrick (died January 1884 at Tarrington)

ILLIFE, Emala (died 29 October 1915 at Koroit)

ILLINGWORTH, John (died 11 June 1915 at Casterton)

IRVINE, Isabella (died 15 December 1916 at Mortlake)

ISBEL, Robert  (died June 1918 at Ararat)


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