Obituaries V to Z

VAGG, Laban (died 8 May 1920 at Bostocks Creek)  

VANCE, Samuel (died July 1908 at Bridgewater) 

VAUGHAN, Daniel (died November 1944 at Swan Marsh)  

VIGAR, Agnetta  (died 24 June 1917 at Ararat)

VIALLS, Edmund (died 19 March 1879 at Hamilton)  

VILLIERS, John James  (died May 1917 at Warrnambool)

WALKER, Samuel  (died 24 January 1914 at Ballarat)

WADMORE, Sarah Jane  (died 1 January 1941 at Portland)

WALKER, Duncan Stewart (died 29 September 1889 at Camperdown)  

WALKER, Euphemia Adamson (died 23 January 1937 at Hamilton) 

WALL, Letitia  (died 8 September 1915 at Toorak)

WALSH, Margaret (died 1 October 1918 at Grassdale)

WALTER, Emma (died July 1916 at Hamilton)  

WALTERS, Hugh Oxenham (died 10 January 1891 at Warrayure)

WALTON, Ann  (died 31 December 1914 at Mount Arapiles)

WARD, William Snaith  (died 14 March 1913 at Ballarat)

WAREHAM, William  (died 3 November 1916 at Woolongoon)

WARREN, George (died 24 January 1915 at Stawell)

WARREN, Sarah Harriet Ann (died 13 January 1950 at Cobden)

WATERS, John  (died 4 May 1917 at Nareen)  

WATSON, Margaret (died 1 March 1914 at Coleraine)

WATT, Annie (died 10 November 1952 at Coleraine)  

WEBB, Thomas (died 19 July 1943 at Cobden) 

WHEATLEY, Thomas (died 11 August 1917 at Camperdown)

WHELAN, John (died 15 September 1918 at Dixie) New

WHITE, Edward  (died 20 January 1910 at Coleraine)

WHITE, Margaret  (died 4 March 1925 at South Portland)

WHITE, Nicholas  (died 17 September 1942 at Portland)

WHITEHEAD, Robert (died 5 November 1922 at Warrnambool) New

WHITERIDGE, Emma (died 4 October 1888 at Portland)

WHITTAKER, Eliza (died 13 March 1918 at Warrabkook) Mother of James TRIGGER  

WHYTE, James  (died August 1882 at Hobart, Tasmania)

WIGGINS, Charles Augustus (died 23 June 1901 at Hamilton) Brother of James WIGGINS and William Henry WIGGINS

WIGGINS, James (died 21 October 1896 at Hamilton) Brother of  Charles Augustus WIGGINS and William Henry WIGGINSHusband of Jane FOUNTAIN

WIGGINS, William Henry (died April 1902 at Camperdown) Brother of Charles Augustus WIGGINS and James WIGGINS  

WILCOX, Anne  (died 12 March 1894 at Portland)  Wife of Thomas MUST

WILLIAMS, Anne (died 17 November 1918 at Colac) Wife of Samuel LORD

WILLIAMS, John  (died 26 July 1917 at Port Fairy)

WILLIAMS, Robert Pender (died 28 November 1916 at Lilydale)

WILLIAMSON, Grace Murray (died 24 November 1918 at Chetwynd)

WILLIAMSON, Henry Cowap  (died 25 May 1948 at Portland)

WILLIAMSON, Letitia  (died 11 April 1914 at Koroit)

WILSON, Frank (died 7 September 1917 at Hamilton) New

WILSON, James  (died 25 December 1944 at Portland)

WILSON, Jane (died 15 July 1934 at Ascot Vale)  Daughter of William WILSON

WILSON, John (died 3 January 1906 at Portland)

WILSON, William (died July 1924 at Geelong)  Father of Jane WILSON

WIMBLE, Clara Augusta (died 3 February 1912 at Cavendish)  

WINCHCOMB, Ellen Lavinia (died 5 March 1954 at Cobden)

WINTER, Arbella (died 1 May 1892 at Condah) Wife of Cecil Pybus COOKE

WINTER, Sarah (died 12 July 1911 at Hamilton)  

WOMBWELL, Joseph  (died 9 February 1918 at Casterton)

WOOD, Robert  (died 27 June 1917 at Warrnambool)

WOODS, James Robinson (died 2 February 1915 at Portland) 

WORLAND, James  (died 18 June 1916 at Warrnambool)

WRIGHT, Francis Hazel (died 18 August 1918 at Hamilton)

WRIGHT, Frederick  (14 October 1934 at Camperdown)

WYATT, Alice Maria  (died 23 April 1940 at Hamilton)  Daughter of Thomas Lewis WYATT

WYATT, Thomas Lewis  (died 15 April 1918 at Hamilton)  Father of Alice Maria WYATT

YOUNG, Elizabeth  (died 11 June 1892 at Barongarook)  Wife of Hugh MURRAY

YOUNG, James  (died 6 January 1925 at Hamilton)

YOUNG, Richard  (died 16 February 1939 at Horsham)

YOUNGMAN, Oliver  (died 17 February 1915 at Port Fairy)

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