Christ Church Anglican Church Roll of Honour

The Christ Church honour board was unveiled on Sunday 17 June 1917 by the Right Reverend Bishop Green.

Joining the congregation were Borough of Hamilton Councillors, returned servicemen, and YMCA members.

The board had 145 names of parishioners of Hamilton’s Christ Church. Fifteen of those would not return.  Each name was on a separate strip of oak enabling them to be removed. That board was different from the honour board at the Christ Church today.  It now has the names of 163 men and women with thirty-two of those having fallen or died.  The names are gold leaf directly on the board.

Also unveiled on 17 June 1917 was an altar railing dedicated in memory of the men who had given their lives and a memorial window for Percy Beaumont Osborne.  Percy was the step-son of Ven. Archdeacon Harris of Christ Church.  The two figures on the window were St John representing love and St Alban representing courage. 


The 163 names on the roll, 156 men and seven women, are listed below.  They appear on the roll with surname first followed by first and second initial. The christian and middle names given are according to the initials on the board. The rank and battalion at the time of discharge are given as listed on the Australian Imperial Force Nominal Roll. Click on underlined names for a biography.

LEGEND:  2nd Lt = 2nd Lieutenant, ACpl = Acting Corporal, Bdr = Bombardier, BQMS = Battery Quartermaster Sergeant, Capt = Captain, CMG = Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George, Cpl = Corporal, DSO = Distinguished Service Order, Dvr = Driver, Gnr= Gunner, ISM = Italian Silver Medal for Military Valour  , LCpl = Lance Corporal, LSgt = Lance Sergeant,  Lt = Lieutenant, LTCOL = Lieutenant Colonel, MC = Military Cross, MiD = Mentioned in Dispatches, MM = Military Medal, MSM = Meritorious Service Medal, Pte = Private, RQMS = Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, Sgt = Sergeant, S Nurse = Staff Nurse, Spr = Sapper, SSgt = Staff Sergeant, * = See notes below

ANDERSON, Edward Handfield (2nd Lt) 57th Australian Infantry Battalion

BEECHAM, George James Leopold (Pte) 39th Australian Infantry Battalion

BLACKNEY, James Alexander (Pte) 39th Australian Infantry Battalion

BURGESS, Ebenezer  (Pte) 21st Australian Infantry Battalion

DOHLE, Alfred (Pte) 38th Australian Infantry Battalion

DOUGLAS, Claude Campbell Telford (Pte) 14th Australian Infantry Battalion

FRIEND, Percy O’Connor MM (2nd Lt) 31st Australian Infantry Battalion

GRAVES, Hubert (BQMS) 12 Australian Field Artillery Brigade

HARRIS, Leslie Duncan (Pte) 39th Australian Infantry Battalion

HENTY, Edward Ellis (Lt) 8th Australian Light Horse Regiment

HIND, William Arthur (Tpr) 8th Australian Light Horse Regiment

HUDSON, Charles Robert (Pte) 24th Australian Infantry Battalion

JOHNSON, Francis Charles (Pte) 35th Australian Infantry Battalion

KENDALL, Frank Selwood  (Pte) 5th Australian Machine Gun Battalion

KNIGHT, Thomas Leonard *

MORRISSEY, Frank (Pte) 10th Infantry Brigade Headquarters

MCPHEE, Norman Edward (Sgt) 46th Australian Infantry Battalion

NORMAN, William Leslie  (Cpl) 24th Australian Infantry Battalion

O’NEILL, Thomas (Pte) 6th Australian Infantry Battalion

ORD, Thomas Hugh (ACpl) 6th Australian Infantry Battalion

OSBORNE, Percy Beaumont (LSgt) 8th Australian Infantry Battalion

RICHIE, George (Pte) 14th Australian Infantry Battalion

SMITH, Edward Richardson MM  (Pte) 22nd Australian Infantry Battalion

TAYLOR, Robert James (Pte) 14th Australian Infantry Battalion

TAYLOR, Thomas Henry (Pte) 4th Light Horse Regiment

TILLEY, George Edward  (Tpr) 8th Australian Light Horse Regiment

TREDREA, Francis Stanley (Pte) 60th Australian Infantry Battalion

TUCKER, Virgil (Cpt) 16th Australian Infantry Battalion

WESTGARTH, Horace Leonard (LCpl) 58th Australian Infantry Battalion

WILLIAMS, Lancelot Hamilton (Spr) 4th Field Company, Australian Engineers

YOUNG, Clarence Everard  (Pte) 8th Australian Infantry Battalion

YOUNGER, John James Affleck (Lt) 10th Australian Infantry Battalion

ABDY, Charles Ernest (SSgt) Australian Flying Corps

AKEROYD, Gordon (Cpt) 24th Australian Infantry Battalion

AKEROYD, Joseph (Cpt) 31st Australian Infantry Battalion

ARMITAGE, Harold William (Pte) 16th Australian Field Ambulance

ATKINSON, Dudley Onslow (Pte) 9th Australian Light Horse Regiment

BAKER, Harold Richard Richmond (Cpl) 9th Australian Light Horse Regiment

BATES, Herbert Aldan (Spr) 3rd Australian Signal Troop

BAYLEY, Herbert Henry  (Dvr) 6th Australian Motor Transport Company

BENISON, Harry Rudolph  (Pte) 32nd Australian Infantry Battalion

BENISON, William John (Pte) 6th Australian Field Ambulance

BENNETT, Ernest Leslie  (Pte) Australian Base Reception Camp

BENNETT, Reverand Thomas Pearce (Chaplin) Australian Chaplains Department

BRAITHWAITE, Carson Ripley (Pte) 57th Australian Infantry Battalion

BRAITHWAITE, John Ripley (Pte) 7th Australian Infantry Battalion

BROWN, Allan MM (Pte) 39th Australian Infantry Battalion

BROWN, Henry Edward (Pte) 23rd Australian Infantry Battalion

BROWNE, Leonard John (Dvr) 3rd Australian Divisional Mechanical Transport Company  

BROWN, Leslie Wilfred MiD (LCpl) 8th Field Company, Australian Engineers

BUCKNALL, Norman MM (Sgt) 1st Australian Divisional Signal Company  

BURGESS, John James (Pte) 5th Australian Infantry Battalion

BUTTON, Robert Frederick (Pte) * 

CABENA, William Bruce (Pte) 21st Australian Infantry Battalion

COLLINS, Aubrey Aldhophos (LCpl) 59th Australian Infantry Battalion

COOK, George (Pte) 8th Australian Infantry Battalion

COOK, Robert (Dvr) Australian Mechanical Transport Service 

COOK, William (LCpl) 46th Australian Infantry Battalion 


COOKE, Edmund (Pte) Australian Army Veterinary Corps/(Lt) 2nd South Wales Borderers

CORNISH, Hamilton  (Pte) 8th Australian Infantry Battalion

COUSTLEY, Frederick (Pte) 58th Australian Infantry Battalion

CROSS, Charles (Pte) XXII ANZAC Mounted Corps

CROSS, John Alfred (Dvr) 23rd Australian Infantry Battalion

CURLETT, Reginald Maxwell (Pte) Australian Railway Operating Division Details

DAVIS, William (Pte) 52nd Australian Infantry Battalion 

DE BOOS, William Kinglake (Lt) 22 Australian Infantry Battalion

DENTON, Cyril Hamilton (Gnr) 7th Australian Field Artillery Brigade

DENTON, Leslie Hamilton (Sgt) Australian Army Veterinary Corps

DEW, Mourdent Henry (Sgt) 46th Australian Infantry Battalion

DIWELL, George (Pte) 8th Australian Infantry Battalion

DIWELL, William Henry (Pte) 39th Australian Infantry Battalion


DOIG, Sidney Edgar (Pte) 2nd Australian Machine Gun Battalion

DONNES, Alice (Sr) Australian Army Nursing Service

DOUGLAS, Roy Ashley (Cpl) 1st Australian Corps Topographical section

FORD, Leslie (Pte) 17th (Victorian) General Reinforcements

FRANKLIN, Clarence *

GARLAND, Levick Tyrell (Pte) 8th Light Horse Regiment

GELDER, Frederick (Pte) 6th Australian Infantry Battalion

GLUTH, Sydney (Lt) 4th Australian Infantry Battalion

GODWIN, Arthur Herbert Elliot MiD (Dvr) 5th Australian Field Company Engineers

GOULD, George British Merchant Navy

GREWER, Gertrude Agnes (Sr) Australian Army Nursing Service

HAMMOND, Harold R (Sgt) AIF Headquarters

HARRICKS, Roland Richard (Pte) Australian Army Veterinary Corps

HARRIS, Fanny May (Sr) Australian Red Cross

HAYMAN, Osborne (Pte) 6th Australian Infantry Battalion

HAYMAN, Phillip (Lt) 30th Australian Infantry Battalion

HELLER, Alexander (Lt) Australian Flying Corps


HUGHAN, Alexander McClymont (Pte) 15th Australian Field Company Engineers

HUGHAN, Harold Randolph (Lt) 44th Australian Infantry Battalion

HUGHAN, Lawrence Murray  (Spr) 5th Australian Field Company Engineers

JENNINGS, Harry (LCpl) 1 ANZAC Salvage Section

JENNINGS, John Samuel (Pte) 9th Australian Light Horse Regiment

JOHNSON, T. *   

KENNETT, Stanley  (Pte) 8th Australian Infantry Battalion

KENNETT, William (Lt) 8th Australian Infantry Battalion

KOOPS, William (Pte) 8th Australian Infantry Battalion

LAYH, Herbert Thomas MiD, DSO and Bar, CMG (Lt Col) 60th Australian Infantry Battalion  

LEARMONTH, Basil Law  (Lt) Australian Flying Corps

LETTS, George Henry (Pte) 6th Australian Infantry Battalion

MALLINSON, John Leslie  (Sgt) Australian Army Veterinary Hospital

MALLINSON, Randolph (Lt) 22nd Australian Infantry Battalion

MALSTER, Lillian Martha  (Sr) Australian Army Nursing Service

MASTIN, William Albert MM (Pte) 22nd Cps Light Horse

MASTIN, William Raymond (Pte)  46th Australian Infantry Battalion

MIDDLETON, William Leslie (Pte) 14th Australian Infantry Battalion

MORRISSEY, John (RQMS) 10th Australian Infantry Brigade Headquarters

MacKENZIE, Gordon Elliot  (Lt) 58th Australian Infantry Battalion

McCOMBE, Lindal John (LCpl) 12th Australian Field Artillery

McCOMBE, Reginald Sybil (Pte) 6th Australian Infantry Battalion

O’NEILL, Lawrence Thaye MM (Cpl) 22nd Australian Infantry Battalion

PEARSE, Alfred William  (Dvr) 3rd Australian Field Artillery Brigade

PITMAN, John Lang (Pte) 1 ANZAC Cycling Battalion

PLUNKETT, Charles William (Dvr) 3rd Australian Pioneer Battalion

PLUNKETT, Rex (Pte) 3rd Australian Pioneer Battalion

PLUNKETT, Robert Wilfred (Pte) 3rd Australian Pioneer Battalion

PLUNKETT, William Gordon (Pte) 32nd Australian Infantry Battalion

PORTER, Henry James (Dvr) 3rd Australian Field Company Engineers

QUARTERMAN, William (Dvr) 2nd Australian Field Artillery Brigade


RANKIN, Alexander Stewart  (Dvr) 5th Australian Division Artillery

RANKIN, Duncan Stewart  (Cpl) 6th Australian Field Artillery Brigade

RANKIN, Robert Hopetoun (Dvr) Reserve Brigade Australian Artillery   

RANKIN, Thomas Donald (Pte) 21st Australian Infantry Battalion

RITTER, Herbert Oscar (2nd Lt) 6th Australian Infantry Battalion

ROBERTSON, Eric  (Cpl) Australian Army Medical Corps

ROUNTREE, Evangeline Amelia (Staff Nurse) Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve

ROW, Harold (Gnr) 4th Australian Field Artillery Brigade

ROW, Tom (Pte) 1st Australian Field Squadron Engineers, Anzac Mounted Division

RITTER, Francis George MSM (Gnr) 36th Australian Heavy Artillery Brigade

SCOTT, Eric Norham  (Capt) Australian Army Medical Corps

SCOTT, Norma Norham (Staff Nurse) Australian Army Nursing Service

SILVESTER, Clive Ellis (Gnr) 6th Australian Field Artillery Brigade

SLOAN, Leslie (Pte) 29th Australian Infantry Battalion * enlisted as Robert Leslie

SMITH, John Stanley (Dvr) 13th Australian Field Artillery Brigade

STOCK, Margarette Anne (S Nurse) Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service

STORER, Thomas (LCpl) 39th Australian Infantry Battalion

STRANGWARD, Robert John (Gnr) 8th Field Artillery Brigade

TATLOCK, Rolland  (Pte) Australian Dental Corps 

TEAGUE, Daniel Gilbert Miller  (Capt) Australian Army Medical Corps

THOMAS, Leonard Penrhyn (2nd Lt) 8th Australian Infantry Battalion

TILLEY, Phillip Henry (Pte) 10th Australian Field Artillery Brigade

TROTTER, Frank (Pte) 21st Depot Battalion

TURNER, Albert John (Pte) 39th Australian Infantry Battalion 

TURNER, William George (Pte) 13th Australian Light Horse Regiment

UNDERWOOD, Arthur Bell Percy MM (Pte) 23rd Australian Infantry Battalion

WALKER, Leopold Reuben (Sgt) Australian Imperial Force Headquarters

WALSTAB, John (LTCOL) 5th Australian Infantry Battalion

WARING, F. W. * 

WATSON, Robert Charles Edward (Cpl) 4th Australian Field Artillery Brigade

WESTBROOK, William Colin (Pte) 8th Australian Infantry Battalion

WHITEHEAD, Frederick John (Spr) 2nd Australian Division Signals Company

WILLETT, Walter Francis (Pte) 32nd Australian Infantry Battalion

WILLIAMS. Herbert (Pte) Australian Army Service Corps

WILLIAMS, John Roy  (Dvr) 8th Australian Field Artillery Brigade

WILLIAMS, Walter (Pte) 39th Australian Infantry Battalion

WITHINGTON, Frederick (Pte) 2nd Australian Pioneer Battalion

WITHINGTON, Leslie George (Pte) 4th Australian Battalion Engineers

YOUNG, Leonard Hamilton  (Pte) 8th Australian Infantry Battalion

YOUNGER, Preston (Pte) 8th Australian Light Horse Regiment


BROWNE, Leonard John – Listed as L. J. Brown

BUCKNALL, Norman – Full name Henry Roderick Norman

BUTTON, Robert Frederick  – Discharged before going overseas.

COOKE, B – Most likely this is William Lempriere Cooke MC (Cpt) 4th Australian Infantry Battalion. William was a cousin of Edmund Samuel Winter Cooke who was also listed.  William and Edmund were nephews of Samuel Winter Cooke of Murndal.

DAVIS, William – Full name Stanley William Davis

DOHLE, E. – Most likely Edmund Dohle brother of Alfred Dohle listed among those who died. Edmund Dohle was also among the fallen, killed in action on 4 October 1917 at Passchendaele Ridge, Belgium while serving with the 38th Battalion.

FRANKLIN, Clarence – Discharged before going overseas.

HOUGH, J. – Possibly Joseph Hough only son of Charles Hough and Jane Cain of Hamilton. No record of service was found.

JOHNSON, T. – Possibly Thomas Johnson who worked for the Hamilton branch of the Colonial Bank from c1908 to 1911.  No record of service was found.

KNIGHT, Thomas Leonard – Most likely James Alfred Knight (Service No. 3835) who was killed in France on 8 June 1916 and for whom a tree was planted along Anzac Avenue in 1917. Thomas Leonard Knight was the younger brother of James Alfred Knight, sons of Thomas Robert Knight and Agnes Mason.  Thomas Leonard married Agnes Mary Kenny in 1902.   The Hamilton Spectator of 7 January 1915, reported Thomas Leonard Knight had enlisted on 6 January 1915 pending a medical likely held on 7 January 1915 by Hamilton’s Dr Norham Scott. If it was the same Thomas Leonard Knight he’d have been thirty-eight years old at the time, the maximum age for enlistment.  There are no service records for Thomas Leonard Knight. That suggests he failed the medical on 7 January 1915.  Thomas Leonard Knight died at Footscray in 1945 aged sixty-nine. T.L.Knight is also listed on the Hamilton War Memorial where only the names of those who didn’t return are included and among those who died on Borough of Hamilton Honour Roll.

RAMSYIER, F – Possibly Fred Ramseyer, connected to Telangatuk  East and a member of the Balmoral Rifle Club, however, his religion was given as Presbyterian.  There were no enlistments under the name of Ramsyier. No record of service found for Fred Rasmseyer.

SLOAN, Leslie – Full name Robert Leslie Sloan

TURNER, Albert John – Listed as A.J.Turner but he enlisted as John Albert Turner

WARING, F. W. – Most likely Frederick Charles Waring (Cpl) of the Australian Postal Corps who died of illness in May 1919 in London while still enlisted.

PHOTO CREDIT – Tony Esh and Merron Riddiford.  Photos of soldiers courtesy of the Australian War Memorial 

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