Obituaries P to R

PACE, Jane (died 3 February 1906 at Hamilton) Wife of Stephen George HENTYMother of Agnes Cecil HENTY Anna Maria HENTY, and Walter Thomas HENTY;  Grandmother of Edward Ellis HENTY; Aunt of  Walter Stephen HELPMAN

PALMER, Angelo (died August 1912 at Hamilton)  

PALMER, Octavius Frederick William  (died 18 July 1914 at Terang)

PALMER, Thomas McLeod (died 31 July 1915 at Elsternwick)  

PAPLEY, James  (died 18 September 1914 at Port Fairy)

PARKER, James  (died 6 July 1899 at Heywood)

PASCOE, James William (died July 1917 at Terang) 

PATERSON, Anges  (died 29 May 1901 at Portland) Wife of John Norman McLEOD; Mother of Alexander Magnus McLEOD

PATON, Finlay McPherson  (died September 1936 at Tarrayoukyan)

PATTERSON, Charles Francis  (died 17 February 1933 at Portland)

PATTERSON, George Robertson (died 9 July 1912 at Casterton)  Nephew of George ROBERTSON

PAXFORD, Ann  (died March 1900 at Portland)

PEARSON, John (died 10 March 1885 at Portland) Father of Joseph Bell PEARSON and Mary Jarvey PEARSON 

PEARSON, Joseph Bell  (died 7 July 1922 at Portland) Son of John PEARSON; Brother of Mary Jarvey PEARSON

PEARSON, Mary Jarvey (died 24 November 1913 at Hamilton) Daughter of John PEARSON; Wife of Peter LEARMONTH; Mother of James Allan LEARMONTH and Mary Simpson LEARMONTH; Sister of Joseph Bell PEARSON

PEARSON, Thomas Ferry  (died 24 April 1915 at Port Fairy)

PERMEWAN, John  (died 23 December 1904 at Ballarat)

PERRETT, Arthur (died September 1948 at Colac) 

PERRY, Frederick (died September 1942 at Casterton) Son of John PERRY New

PERRY, John (died 8 July 1913 at Coleraine) Father of Frederick PERRY

PETRAS, Johanna (died 11 April 1916 at Hamilton)  

PETSCHEL, Wilhelm  (died May 1914 at Hamilton)

PETTINGILL, John  (died 23 January 1923 at Yambuk)

PHILIP, John (died  July 1916 at Hamilton) Brother of Thomas and William PHILIP  

PHILIP, Thomas  (died December 1937 at Hamilton) Husband of Margaret LAIDLAW, Brother of John and William PHILIP

PHILIP, William  (died December 1933 at Hamilton) Brother of John and Thomas PHILIP

PHILLIPS, Lionel (died 3 October 1889 at Hamilton)  

PICKEN, Fanny Lea (died 9 July 1941 at Camperdown) 

PILE, William Thomas  (died 25 May 1901 at Portland)

PITMAN, John (died 4 September 1943 at Portland) 

PITTS, Amelia  (died 11 July 1897 at Myamyn)  Wife of Stephen DUDDEN

PITTS, Annie  (died 12 December 1934 at Portland)

PITTS, Eliza  (died 2 June 1914 at Edenhope)  Mother of Frederick GUTHRIDGE

POLAND, William  (died 20 November 1922 at Portland)

POLLAND, Thomas  (died 16 September 1917 at Moyston)

POOK, Mary (died 24 September 1906 at Dunkeld) Mother of Jane Sophia COLLINS New

PORTER, Joseph Henry  (died 22 June 1931 at Portland)  Husband of Sarah HERBERTSON

PORTER, Sarah Elizabeth  (died 8 June 1915 at Hamilton)

POTTER, Henry  (died 4 December 1916 at Hamilton)

POWER, Margaret (died 5 January 1918 at Port Fairy)

PRATT, Charles  (died 26 October 1935 at Birchip)

PRATT, Mary  (died 7 October 1942 at Greenwald) Mother of Alfred COWLAND and Henry COWLAND 

PRICE, Richard  (died 15 December 1904 at Milltown)

PRYKE, Susan Angelina  (died 11 June at Stockyard Hill)  Wife of George EXCELL

PULS, Carl Frederick Wilhelm  (died 12 November 1953 at Lower Norton)

QUIGLEY, John (died 13 March 1898 at Wannon) Father of Joseph QUIGLEY

QUIGLEY, Joseph Thomas (died 2 February 1927 at Hamilton) Son of John QUIGLEY  

QUILL, William  (died 13 April 1914 at Portland)

QUINLAN, Michael  (died November 1914 at Hawkesdale)

RANKIN, John (died 10 November 1936 at Colac)  

READ, Rachel Forward  (died 15 January 1904 at Lower Cape Bridgewater)  Mother of John Read HEDDITCH and Mary Thurza HEDDITCH

READ, William Henry (died 9 November 1936 at Branxholme) Father of William Henry Vines READ 

READ, William Henry Vines (died 1 December 1938 at Hotspur) Son of William Henry READ  

REEN, Timothy Denis (died 11 October 1892 at Hamilton)  

REES, Thomas  (died 7 August 1918 at Hamilton)

REES, William  (died 29 November 1918 at Stawell)

REID, Angus Stuart (died 22 July 1937 at Camperdown) 

REID, Isabella  (died July 1953 at Heywood)  Daughter of Johanna STEVEN and Granddaughter of Jane LAMB

REID, Mary (died 1 April 1912 at Branxholme)  Wife of Thomas BEGG

RENTSCH, Johann (died 14 April 1909 at Byaduk)

RENWICK, William  (died 11 December 1874 at Portland)

RHOOK, Matthew Charles (died July 1936 at Hamilton) 

RICHARDS, Joseph  (died 16 November 1916 at Fitzroy)

RICHARDSON, Lucy (died 9 March 1911 at Hamilton)

RIGBY, Martha  (died 11 March 1934 at Hamilton)

RIGHETTI, Serafino  (died 21 December 1917 at Heywood)

RIORDAN, John  (died 27 September 1905 at Portland)

RIPPON, George Reynolds (died 26 April 1899 at Hamilton) Father of George Reynolds RIPPON and Herbert Edward RIPPON 

RIPPON, George Reynolds (died 2 November 1912 at Hamilton) Son of George Reynolds RIPPON; Brother of Herbert Edward RIPPON  

RIPPON, Herbert Edward  (died 19 May 1954 at Hamilton)  Son of George Reynolds RIPPON; Brother of George Reynolds RIPPON

RIPPON, John Alfred  (died 13 October 1938 at Camperdown)

ROACHE, Mary Josephine (died 24 August 1915 at Hamilton)

ROBERTS, Francis  (died 5 August 1920 at Orford)

ROBERTSON, Duncan  (died November 1882 at Gringegalgona)  Father of May ROBERTSON and William ROBERTSON; Uncle of Marslie May ROBERTSON

ROBERTSON, George (died 15 January 1890 at Warrock) Cousin of Stephen Rowan ROBERTSON; Uncle of George Robertson PATTERSON  

ROBERTSON, James  (died March 1892 at Portland)

ROBERTSON, Jean (died 11 February 1895 at Geelong) Sister of John ROBERTSON 

ROBERTSON, John (died 16 January 1905 at Strathkellar) Brother of Jean ROBERTSON

ROBERTSON, Marslie May (died 15 June 1930 at Hamilton) Wife of William Sudgen Price LEWIS Niece of Duncan Robertson  

ROBERTSON, May  (died September 1925 at Gringalgona)  Daughter of Duncan ROBERTSON

ROBERTSON, Stephen Rowan  (died 19 August 1900 at Portland) Cousin of George ROBERTSON; Aunt of George Robertson PATTERSON

ROBERTSON, William (died 24 June 1892 at Colac)  

ROBERTSON, William  (died 6 August 1918 at East Melbourne)  Son of Duncan ROBERTSON. Brother of May ROBERTSON

ROBERTSON, William  (died 2 February 1924 at Portland)

ROGERS, Mary  (died October 1912 at Greenwald)

ROUNTREE, James Hughes (died August 1902 at Hamilton)  

ROW, John Hawkins  (died 27 October 1926 at Portland)

RUFFLE, Charles (died 4 June 1885 at Port Fairy)

RUNDELL, Henry Dyer  (died August 1941 at Hamilton)  Son of John RUNDELL. Husband of Anne DAWKINS

RUNDELL, John  (died 19 April 1925 at Condah)  Father of Henry Dyer RUNDELL

RUSSELL, Alexander  (died 27 November 1867 at Port Fairy)

RUSSELL, George (died 3 November 1888 at Shelford) Father of Janet RUSSELL  

RUSSELL, Janet (died 15 February 1954 at Shelford)  Daughter of George RUSSELL

RUTLEDGE, Richard (died 28 October 1887 at Warrnambool) Brother of William RUTLEDGE; Uncle of Thomas Forster RUTLEDGE  

RUTLEDGE, Thomas Forster (died 6 September 1918 at Toorak) Son of William RUTLEDGE; Nephew of Richard RUTLEDGE   

RUTLEDGE, William  (died 1 June 1876 at Farnham) Father of Thomas Forster RUTLEDGE; Brother of Richard RUTLEDGE

RYAN, Annie (died 2 June 1914 at Harrow)

RYAN, Anthony (died 2 September 1901 at Perth, Western Australia)

RYAN, Catherine (died 4 February 1916 at Port Fairy)

RYAN, Hanorah (Died 30 September 1917 at Kirkstall) 

RYAN, Johanna  (died 27 November 1914 at Panmure)

RYAN, Mary  (died 11 December 1914 at Hamilton)


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  1. William and Caroline Pengilley owned the Apollo Bay Hotel. Caroline died in 1957 and she and her husband William ( not sure what year he died ) are both buried in the Apollo Bay cemetery They had 13 children one of which was my mother Kathleen who later married my father Kevin Shanahan from ‘ Happy Valley ‘ Birregurra.


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