Western District Women

Wonderful Western District Women began during Women’s History Month in March 2017. The idea behind it was to highlight and expand on the stories of some of the wonderful women I had found compiling the  Western District Families Pioneer Obituary Index and others found during my general research.  This list is a work in progress and there are many more wonderful women who will be added as time goes on.

The women are listed by their maiden names. Their married name/s then follow and the town or districts they were generally associated with. Click on a name to go the Wonderful Western District Women post in which each of the women was featured.

BROWN, Margaret (1835-1939) Also known as Margaret Walker of Portland and Hamilton 

COLE, Elizabeth (c1845-1942) Also known as Elizabeth Dalziel of Carpendeit.

COOKE, Elizabeth Jane (c1842-1932) Also known as Eliza Morehouse of Cobden. 

CROUCH, Emma (1832-1904) of Portland and Coleraine.  

DAVEY, Edith  (1861-1939) of Port Campbell

DONNELLY, Jane (c1834-1914) Also known as Jane Walsh and Jane Jenkins of the Portland district and Hawkesdale.

DRISCOLL, Mary (c1828-1908) Also known as Mary O’Driscoll and Mary Wadmore of Cape Bridgewater and Portland. New

GRADY, Catherine (c1832-1916) Also known as Catherine Hamilton of the Macarthur district.

HAZELDINE, Eliza (1857-1941) Also known as Eliza Lea of Wallacedale.

KITTSON, Rebecca (c1827-1929) Also known as Rebecca Lightbody of Cape Bridgewater and Portland.

LEARMONTH, Mary Simpson  (1863-1939) Also known as Mary Laidlaw of Hamilton.

MALSEED, Eliza Ann  (c1836-1920) of Mount Richmond and Myamyn.

McCANN, Kate St George (c1849-1929) Also known as Kate Trangmar of Coleraine.

MURRAY, Isabella (c1852-1924) Also known as Isabella Helpman of Warrnambool.

NICOL, Janet (c1822-1903) Also known as Janet Laurie and Janet Black of Portland, Mount Gambier, and Cape Bridgewater.

READ, Rachel Forward (1815-1904) Also known as Rachel Hedditch of Cape Bridgewater.

REID, Isabella (c1873-1953) Also known as Isabella Gilhome of Bundoora, Portland and Heywood.  

ROBERTSON, Marslie May (c1844-1930) Also known as May Lewis of Hamilton.

RYAN, Mary  (c1834-1914) of Hamilton

SHARP, Elizabeth (c1822-1903) Also known as Elizabeth Sharpe and Elizabeth Gray of Nareeb.

SLOAN, Susan  (c1844-1918) Also known as Susan Sloane of Hamilton.

STEWART, Christina (1825-1921) Also known as Christina McPherson of Dartmoor and Hamilton.

WADMORE, Sarah Jane (1859-1941) of Portland.