Obituaries D to F

DAFFY, Marks  (died 22 February 1902 at Cundare)

DALGLEISH, Robert  (died 12 April 1914 at Learmonth)

DALLIMORE, Peter (died September 1901 at Warrnambool)  

D’ALTON, Sophia  (died 13 December  1916 at Stawell)

DALZIEL, Robert (died May 1946 at Carpendeit) Son of Elizabeth COLE; Nephew of Sarah Jane COLE  

DANCOCKS, Edward Bearcroft (died 3 July 1915 at Casterton) New

DARCY, John (died 27 November 1905 at Ondit

DAVENPORT, Elizabeth  (died 30 October 1916 at Port Fairy)

DAVEY, Edith (died September 1939 at Cobden)  

DAVIDSON, Alexander  (died 17 August 1874 at Portland)

DAVIDSON, James  (died 12 February 1913 at Narrawong)

DAVIDSON, William (died June 1917 at Woolsthorpe) 

DAVIS, Hester Jane (died 4 June 1914 at Mortlake)

DAVIS, John W  (died 24 January 1928 at Horsham)

DAVIS, Richard (died 22 December 1950 at Camperdown)  

DAVIS, Robert George (died 21 January 1952 at Camperdown)  

DAWKINS, Annie  (died 2 November 1942 at Hamilton) Wife of Henry Dyer RUNDELL

DAWSON, James  (died 19 April 1900 at Camperdown)

DAWSON, William  (died 30 November 1916 at Stawell)

DELANEY, Mary Ann (died 2 December 1911 at Hamilton)  

DERHAM, William (died 16 August 1918 at Port Fairy) 

DENMAN, Ellen (died 7 December 1917 at Hamilton)  

DERMER, Edwin Clough  (died 26 August 1917 at Ballarat)

DESTREE, Aldophe Jean Baptist (died 11 June 1875 at Hamilton)

DEVLIN, James Patrick (died 4 September 1942 at Portland) 

DILNOT, George (died 29 November 1892 at Hamilton)

DISHER, William (died 11 July 1902 at Stawell)

DISNEY, Robert (died 21 December 1876 at Hamilton)  

DISS, Walter (died 3 June 1916 at Port Fairy)

DIWELL, Margaret Ann (died July 1932 at Hamilton)  Sister of William DIWELL

DIWELL, William (died September 1939 at Jeparit)  Brother of Margaret Ann DIWELL

DOIG, William Henry (died 21 November 1915 at Hamilton)

DOLMAN, William (died 17 July 1884 at Hamilton)

DONELAN, Robert (died 25 July 1901 at Karabeal) 

DONNELLY, Annie  (died August 1933 at Warrnambool)

DONNELLY, Jane  (died 1 July 1914 at Hawkesdale)

DONOHOE, Thomas  (died 26 September 1908 at Narrawong)

DOWN, Henry  (died 4 July 1914 at Port Fairy)

DOWNING, Agnes (died 29 November 1915 at Hamilton)

DOWNEY, James (died 13 July 1918 at Koroit) 

DOYLE, John  (died 8 June 1922 at Hawkesdale)

DOYLE, Julia Teresa  (died October 1934 at Portland)

DREW, Mary Ann  (died 15 February 1915 at Willaura)

DRISCOLL, Mary (died 3 March 1908 at Portland) Mother of Sarah JaneWADMORE

DRUMMOND, Robert George (died 13 July 1924)

DUCKMANTON, John  (died May 1915 at Dunkeld)

DUDDEN, Stephen  (died 2 May 1903 at Hamilton)  Husband of Amelia PITTS

DUNBAR, John (died 9 November 1913 at Hamilton)  

DUNCAN, James  (died 8 October 1916 at Balmoral)

DUNN, John H.  (died 29 October 1914 at Hamilton)

DUNN, William  (died 1 July 1914 at Box Hill) 

DUSTING, Peter  (died 30 June 1946 at Melbourne)

DWYER, Edmond  (died 14 March 1930 at Condah)

EAGER, Ann Rebecca  (died 12 October 1917 at Hamilton)

EDGAR, Adam  (died 8 May 1941 at Tapanui, New Zealand)  Brother of Jean EDGAR. Cousin of John Thomas EDGAR and Walter Birmingham EDGAR

EDGAR, Jean  (died March 1947 at Harrow)  Sister of Adam EDGAR. Cousin of John Thomas EDGAR and Walter Birmingham EDGAR

EDGAR, John Thomas  (died 10 July 1941 at Melbourne)  Brother of Walter Birmingham EDGAR

EDGAR, Walter Birmingham  (died 22 February 1939 at Portland)  Brother of John Thomas EDGAR

EDRICH, Benjamin  (died 18 November 1887 at Portland)

EDRICH, Clara Jex (died August 1937 at Portland) 

EDSALL, Florence  (died 22 March 1944 at Geelong)

EDWARDS, Morris (died 9 November 1904 at Casterton)

ERRI, Mercy  (died 26 March 1932 at Cobrico)

EVANS, Edward (died 6 January 1915 at Ararat) 

EXCEL, George  (died 11 June 1916 at Stockyard Hill)  Husband of Susan Angelina PRYKE

FAHEY, Patrick (died January 1911 at Macarthur) 

FALKENBERG, Johann (died 9 June 1899 at Byaduk)

FARNHAM, Sarah Ann  (died 21 July 1916 at Hamilton)

FARR, Charles  (died 15 December 1917 at Portland)

FENTON, Daniel  (died 17 March 1943 at Camperdown)

FERGUSON, James  (died March 1914 at Beulah)

FERGUSON, Mary  (died 24 January 1910 at Casterton)

FERMANER, David  (died March 1893 at Newport)

FETHERSTONHAUGH, Theobold  (died 24 December 1909 at Hamilton)

FEWTRELL, Phillip Russell (died 7 June 1945 at Camperdown)

FFRENCH, Acheson (died 29 January 1870 at St Kilda)  

FIELDER, Annie Matilda (died 16 January 1945 at Camperdown) Daughter of William John FIELDER

FIELDER, William John (died 10 November 1917 at Camperdown)  Father of Annie Matilda FIELDER   

FINN, Laurence  (died 24 March 1914 at Port Fairy)

FINN, Mary  (died 15 August 1913 at Kew)  Mother of John Finn KIRBY

FISHER, Fanny Mercer  (died 25 February 1914 at Dobie)

FITZGERALD, John Cunningham (died 3 January 1950 at Portland) 

FITZGERALD, Mary  (died 17 March 1916 at Tower Hill)

FITZGERALD, Thomas (died 26 January 1909 at Warrnambool)

FLEMING, Hanora (died 22 March 1916 at Hamilton)

FLETCHER, John (died 31 July 1918 at Branxholme)

FLETCHER, Mary  (died 19 June 1942 at Sandringham)

FOLEY, Thomas Nicholas (died 28 January 1913 at Hamilton)

FORD, Christina Emily  (died 26 July 1931 at Hamilton)

FOSTER, William  (died 12 January 1896 at Branxholme)

FOUNTAIN, Jane (died 10 September 1901 at Hamilton) Wife of James WIGGINS

FOX, Christina  (died 8 January 1921 at Vectis)

FRASER, John Alexander (died 9 August 1917 at Hamilton)  

FRASER, Robert (died 4 August 1918 at Strathkellar) Husband of Jane MASON 

FRASER, Samuel  (died May 1914 at Terang)

FREEMAN, Alice Maria (died 28 August 1951 at Portland)  

FRY, James  (died 26 July 1914 at Broadwater)

FYANS, Foster  (died 23 May 1870 at Newtown)