Obituaries M to O

MacCALLUM, Mary Isabella (died February 1915 at Dandenong) 

MacDONALD, Janet Scott (died December 1934 at Peterborough)

MacKINNON, Peter  (died 5 August 1902 at Hamilton)

MacLENNAN, John (died December 1908 at Mumbannar)

MAHONEY, Bridget  (died 15 November 1918 at Port Fairy)

MAHONEY, George (died 13 July 1902 at Dunkeld) 

MAHONEY, James  (died 27 April 1918 at Port Fairy)

MAILON, Thomas  (died 10 November 1930 at Portland)

MAIN, Dugald  (died 9 March 1916 at Ballarat)

MALLETT, James (died 3 July 1901 at Merino) 

MALLINSON, John Richard  (died 14 October 1934 at Pomborneit)

MALONE, Ellen  (died 20 June 1916 at Killarney)  Wife of Thomas SHANLEY

MALONE, Mary (died 3 March 1914 at Dunkeld)

MALSEED, Eliza Ann  (died 13 August 1920 at Myamyn)  Mother of Fanny Ann MALSEED

MALSEED, Fanny Ann  (died 13 February 1936 at Myamyn)  Daughter of Eliza Ann MALSEED

MALSEED, John (died May 1915 at Myamyn)  

MALSEED, Robert John  (died May 1950 at Portland)

MANIFOLD, Edward (died 14 February 1931 at East Melbourne)  Son of John MANIFOLD; Brother of James Chester MANIFOLD, Thomas Peter MANIFOLD, and William Thomas MANIFOLD; Nephew of Peter MANIFOLD

MANIFOLD, James Chester (died 30 October 1918 at Sea) Son of John MANIFOLD; Brother of Edward MANIFOLD, Thomas Peter MANIFOLD, and William Thomas MANIFOLD; Nephew of Peter MANIFOLD  

MANIFOLD, John (died 3 January 1877 at Purrumbete) Father of Edward MANIFOLD, James Chester MANIFOLD, Thomas Peter MANIFOLD, and William Thomas MANIFOLD; Brother of Peter MANIFOLD 

MANIFOLD, Peter (died 31 July 1885 at Purrumbete)  Brother of John MANIFOLD; Uncle of Edward MANIFOLD, James Chester MANIFOLD, Thomas Peter MANIFOLD, and William Thomas MANIFOLD

MANIFOLD, Thomas Peter (died 19 July 1895 at Melton) Son of John MANIFOLD, Brother of Edward MANIFOLD, James Chester MANIFOLD, and William Thomas MANIFOLD; Nephew of Peter MANIFOLD 

MANIFOLD, William Thomas (died 20 October 1922 at Camperdown) Son of John MANIFOLD; Brother of Edward MANIFOLD, James Chester MANIFOLD, Thomas Peter MANIFOLD, and William Thomas MANIFOLD; Nephew of Peter MANIFOLD  

MANN, Samuel Furneaux (died 17 July 1954 at Sandringham)

MARKS, Mark (died 12 October 1892 at Colac West)  

MARRINER, George (died 7 September 1911 at Colac)

MARSDEN, Mary (died 9 October 1909 at Cobden)

MARSHALL, Isabella  (died 8 November 1927 at Portland)

MARSHALL, Sarah  (died 7 July 1923 at Portland)

MARTIN, Elizabeth Ann (died 24 June 1915 at Mortlake)

MARTIN, Margaret Bennett  (died 12 November 1942 at Portland)

MASON, Jane  (died 14 May 1918 at Strathkellar)  Wife of Robert FRASER

MATHEWS, Catherine (died 9 March 1912 at Cavendish)

MATHEWS, Martha  (died 14 February 1918 at Buninyong)

MATTHEWS, Francis  (died 6 June 1915 at Landsborough)

MAWSON, Frederick Sutherland Wood  (died 19 May 1916 at Geelong)

MAY, Elizabeth (died 22 May 1916 at Coleraine) Sister of Evelyn MAY

MAY, Ellen (died 27 September 1914 at South Ecklin)

MAY, Evelyn (died 5 May 1916 at Coleraine) Sister of Elizabeth MAYWife of Louis LESSER

McALLEN, Thomas (died 16 December 1916 at Port Fairy)

McANALLY, Eliza (died March 1909 at Myamyn)

McARTHUR, Peter (died 3 July 1897 at Camperdown) Father of Robert Ernest McARTHUR  

McARTHUR, Robert Ernest (died 29 August 1929 at Camperdown) Son of Peter McARTHUR; Husband of Alice Edith KIRKPATRICK

McBAIN, Anne (died 12 May 1917 at Casterton)  

McBEAN, Alexander  (died 13 June 1917 at Casterton) 

McCANN, Kate St George  (died 27 July 1929 at Coleraine)

McMANN, Margaret Jane (died 27 May 1947 at Dartmoor)

McCARTHY, Bridget  (died 16 July 1916 at Crossley)

McCLINTOCK, Jean  (died 19 January 1904 at Melbourne)

McCLOUNAN, John  (died 2 March 1902 at Green Lake)

McCLUSKEY, James  (died October 1942 at Koroit)

McCORMACK, John (died 2 February 1916 at Hamilton)

McCORMACK, Thomas Francis (died 1 February 1914 at Sandford) 

McCORMICK, George Deihl  (died 29 May 1916 at Warrnambool)

McCRACKEN, Janet  (died March 1911 at Stawell)

McCRYSTAL, Rose Genevive  (died 8 November 1920 at Caulfield)

McCALLUM, Alan (died October 1914 at Dandenong)

McDONALD, Ellen  (died 4 February 1937 at Moonee Ponds)

McDONALD, Euphemia (died 13 July 1907 at Condah) 

McDONALD, Ewan  (died 13 October 1931 at Warrion)

McDONALD, Hugh  (died 17 November 1917 at Ararat)

McDONALD, Isabella  (died February 1918 at Dandenong)

McDONALD, Isabella (died September 1942 at Geelong) Wife of John Charles HAUGH 

McDONALD, John Samuel  (died 25 November 1932 at Portland)

McDONALD, Margaret Emily  (died 5 September 1928)

McDONALD, Mary (died 23 June 1906 at Gritjurk) Wife of John HUTCHESON

McDONALD, Mary  (died 4 March 1932 at Hotspur)

McDONALD, Sarah  (died 25 January 1941 at Hamilton)

McDONNELL, Adriana  (died 13 June 1915 at Rhymney)

McDONNELL, John  (died 17 October 1930 at Moree)

McDOUGALL, Angus  (died 4 September 1914 at Hamilton)

McEACHERN, John  (died 4 July 1908 at Nelson)

McEWEN, Peter (died 9 June 1902 at Hamilton) 

McGARVIE, Richard Benson  (died 19 December 1938 at Camperdown)

McGREGOR, Christina  (died October 1925 at Hamilton)

McINNES, Donald  (died 9 January 1924 at Warrnambool)

McINTYRE, William  (died 23 May 1936 at Hamilton)

McKAY, Alexander  (died March 1919 at Carlton)

McKAY, John  (died October 1907 at Richmond)

McKEAN, Catherine Isabella (died 3 February 1941 at Newfield)

McKEAND, Lottie  (died 11 July 1942 at Casterton)

McKELLAR, Rachel (died 2 September 1926 at Malvern)  

McKENNA, Lawrence  (died June 1914 at Curlew Hill)

McKENZIE, William  (died 2 February 1949 at Newfields)

McKINNON, Anne (died 7 October 1914 at Noorat)  

McLEAN, Alexander John  (died 23 July 1915 at Hamilton)

McLEAN, William  (died 28 August 1888 at Port Fairy)

McLENNAN, John (died 4 March 1907 at Glenthompson)  

McLEOD, Alexander Magnus (died 19 July 1910 at West Melbourne) Son of John Norman McLEOD and Agnes PATERSON; Husband of Caroline Agnes HENTY

McLEOD, Euphemia  (died 3 October 1914 at Purnim)

McLEOD, John Norman (died 18 April 1886 at Tyrendarra) Husband of Agnes PATERSONFather of Alexander Magnus McLEOD  

McLEOD, Mary  (died December 1928 at Naracoorte, South Australia)

McLURE, Catherine  (died 29 October 1952 at Camperdown)

McMILLAN, John Kennedy (died 9 February 1904 at Hamilton) Husband of  Janet Manson CLARKE  

McNAMARA, Bridget  (died 19 June 1914 at Tower Hill)

McNAUGHTON, James (died 5 January 1917 at Ellerslie)

McNEIL, Duncan (died February 1916 at Hamilton)  

McNICOL, Donald (died 19 July 1903 at Camperdown)

McPHEE, Alexander (died 27 September 1916 at Hamilton) New

McPHERSON, Mary (died 30 September 1920 at Bostock’s Creek) 

McRAE, Donald  (died 12 January 1912 at Tooan)

McSORLEY, Francis  (died 16 July 1916 at Port Fairy)

McWILLIAMS, Margaret  (died 27 June 1915 at Warrnambool)

MEAGHER, Catherine (died 24 October 1918 at Hamilton)

MEAGHER, Margaret  (died January 1918 at Port Fairy)

MEDEW, Charles Turner  (died September 1914 at Allansford)

MELVILLE, William (died 7 September 1897 at Byaduk) Father of William Henry MELVILLE

MELVILLE, William Henry (died 8 May 1926 at Malvern) Son of William MELVILLE 

MEREDITH, Robert (died 14 September 1897 at Yeo) New

MERRICK, Ann  (died 11 November 1904 at Hamilton)

MILBURN, William (died 15 August 1918 at Casterton)

MILLAR, Janet  (died 3 May 1910 at Portland)

MILLARD, Sarah  (died 10 November 1927 at Paschendale)

MILLER, Selina  (died January 1917 at Wickliffe)

MILLMAN, John (died 2 August 1914 at Hamilton)

MILLS, William Henry  (died August 1935 at Portland)

MINOGUE, Daniel (died 18 May 1912 at Heywood) Son of Simon MINOGUE; Brother of Jerome and Michael MINOGUE

MINOGUE, Jerome Joseph (died 31 December 1928 at Edenhope) Son of Simon MINOGUE; Brother of Daniel and Michael MINOGUE  

MINOGUE, Michael James  (died August 1935 at Casterton) Son of Simon MINOGUE; Brother of Daniel and Jerome MINOGUE

MINOGUE, Simon (died 12 November 1880 at Portland) Father of Daniel, Jerome, and Michael MINOGUE 

MITCHELL, Alfred (died 15 June 1932 at Sandford)

MOFFATT, John  (died 5 September 1871 at  Perim Island, Yemen)  Uncle of John MOFFATT

MOFFATT, John  (died 9 February 1926 at Chatsworth)  Nephew of John MOFFATT

MOFFATT, Sarah  (died 22 April 1917 at Hamilton)

MOLLOY, James (died February 1913 at Balmoral)

MOLLOY, James  (died 25 March 1937 at Portland)

MOLONEY, Maria  (died 24 November 1918 at Koroit)

MONK, Samuel (died January 1948 at Cobden) 

MONOHAN, Elizabeth  (died 12 October 1933 at Casterton)

MOODIE, William  (died 25 February 1914 at Coleraine) Husband of Eliza Ann OWENS

MOONEY, John  (died 29 March 1915 at Mooney’s Gap)

MOORE, Eliza  (died 24 March 1939 at Colac) 

MORRISSEY, Michael (died 12 April 1913 at Branxholme) 

MORRISSY, Thomas  (died January 1914 at Beeac)

MORTIMER, Henry  (died 6 September 1948 at Portland)

MOTT, Alexander  (died 12 April 1934 at Casterton)

MUGAVIN, Michael (died October 1916 at Crossley)

MUIR, Agnes  (died 10 November 1942 at Horsham)

MULLEN, William  (died 13 June 1917 at Drik Drik)  Husband of Emma HOLMES

MUMFORD, Mary  (died 5 May 1940 at Camperdown)

MUNRO, John  (died July 1914 at Hotspur)

MURDOCH, Effie  (died December 1914 at Romsey)

MURDOCH, Elizabeth Robertson  (died 7 March 1916 at Port Fairy)

MURPHY, Mary Ann  (died 26 January 1918 at Willaura)

MURPHY, Michael  (died 12 July 1943 at Melbourne)

MURRAY, Hugh  (died 28 July 1869 at Colac)  Husband of Elizabeth YOUNG

MURRAY, Isabella (died 27 January 1924 at Warrnambool) 

MURRAY, Janet (died 8 March 1919 at Clear Lake)

MURRAY, John  (died 13 February 1915 at Hamilton)

MURRAY, John Hutchinson (died 23 September 1935 at Glenthompson)

MURRAY, Mary  (died 17 March 1944 at Hamilton)

MUST, Thomas  (died 2 September 1905 at Portland)  Husband of Anne WILCOX

NEHILL, William Francis (died 9 October 1936 at Terang) 

NELSON, Thomas (died 8 May 1918 at Colac)  

NEVILLE, Ann Terry (died 28 March 1900 at Hamilton)

NICHOLAS, William  (died 17 December 1890 at Colac)

NICHOLSON, Mark  (died 27 October 1889 at Warrnambool)

NICOL, Gideon (died 20 March 1908 at Merino)  

NICOL, Janet  (died 1903 at Bridgewater)  Mother of Janet Isabella Mary BLACK and James Park Dawson LAURIE

NIDDRIE, John  (died August 1939 at Hamilton)

NIMMO, Henry Belfrage (died January 1915 at Camperdown) 

NIVEN, Ann  (died 24 February 1942 at Coleraine)

NIXON, George (died 16 May 1917 at Terang)  

NORTHCOTT, George (died 23 July 1894 at Merino) Father of Harry NORTHCOTT

NORTHCOTT, Harry (died 5 November 1894 at Merino) Son of George NORTHCOTT 

NORMAN, Stephen (died July 1901 at Hamilton) 

O’BRIEN, Patrick (died 20 January 1916 at Hamilton) 

O’CONNELL, Daniel  (died 5 November 1916 at Koroit)

O’DONNELL, Annie (died 20 November 1917 at Hamilton)

O’DONNELL, Mary (died 18 February 1951 at Warrnambool)

O’FLANAGAN, Elizabeth (died 18 June 1915 at Hamilton)

O’GORMAN, Margaret  (died 9 September 1914 at Mortlake)

O’HALLORAN, Thomas (died 24 December 1934 at Hamilton)

OLIVER, John Henry  (died 23 March 1909 at Horsham)  Brother of Sarah Ann OLIVER and Thomas OLIVER

OLIVER, Sarah Ann  (died 15 November 1928 at Brisbane, Queensland)  Sister of John Henry OLIVER and Thomas OLIVER

OLIVER, Thomas  (died 21 September 1910 at Horsham)  Brother of Sarah Ann OLIVER and John Henry OLIVER

O’MAY, Jane  (died 17 February 1916 at Buckley Swamp)

ORMSBY, Phillip  (died 12 January 1918 at Ellerslie)

OSBORNE, George  (died 14 June 1884 at Geelong)

OSBORNE, Henry William (died 20 October 1936 at Malvern)

OSBORNE, Mary  (died 11 November 1914 at Portland)

OSBOURNE, Ellen  (died 15 July 1934 at Hamilton)

OSBOURNE, William  (died 19 June 1930 at Portland)

OWENS, Eliza Ann (died 18 November 1918 at Coleraine) Wife of William MOODIE 


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