Obituaries S to U

SAMPEY, Catherine Bridget  (died October 1933 at Melbourne)

SANDISON, John (died 12 November 1901 at Glenisla)  

SANDRY, Alice (died 18 January 1916 at Hamilton) Wife of William ARNOTT

SATCHWELL, Adeline Eliza (died 7 October 1943 at Darlington)  

SAVAGE, Ann (died 4 December 1898 at Hamilton)

SAVIN, Mary  (died July 1918 at Muddy Creek) Sister of William SAVIN; Aunt of Mary SAVIN

SAVIN, Mary (died 29 November 1936 at Heywood) Daughter of William SAVIN; Niece of Mary SAVIN  

SAVIN, William (died 2 January 1924 at Portland) Father of Mary SAVIN; Brother of Mary SAVIN 

SAUNDERS, Frederick  (died 11 August 1914 at Narrawong)

SCOTT, Robert Dunbar  (died 7 March 1898 at Surrey Hills)

SCOTT, William  (died 7 October 1909 at Wallan)

SCOULLER, Ann (died 21 March 1952 at Stonyford)  Sister of Mary SCHOULLER

SCOULLER, Mary (died March 1946 at Colac) Sister of Ann SCHOULLER

SCULLION, Daniel  (died 27 January 1915 at Hamilton) Brother of John Joseph SCULLION 

SCULLION, John (died 8 March 1919 at Garvoc) Father of Daniel SCULLION and John Joseph SCULLION 

SCULLION, John Joseph (died 13 November 1918 at Terang) Brother of Daniel SCULLION 

SEABORNE, Eliza Sarah  (died 9 December 1932 at Portland)

SEALEY, Ernest John  (died 25 October 1925 at Casterton)  Brother of Louisa SEALEY

SEALEY, Louisa  (died 4 December 1934 at Casterton)  Sister of Louisa SEALEY

SEFTON, Margaret  (died September 1915 at Coleraine) Wife of Thomas Clarke BROWN

SEYMOUR, Robert (died 15 January 1896 at Glendinning)

SHANAHAN, Right Reverend Monsignor Michael Joseph  (died 6 December 1931 at Hamilton)

SHANLEY, Thomas  (died 12 July 1917 at Killarney)  Husband of Ellen MALONE

SHAW, Thomas Turner  (died 1 February 1949 at Beaumaris)

SHEEHY, John  (died July 1903 at Casterton)

SHENFIELD, Thomas  (died 2 September 1937 at Cobden)

SHILCOCK, John (died 26 June 1909 at Cavendish)

SILVERBERG, Mayer Matus (died 6 September 1908 at St Kilda)  

SILVESTER, Elizabeth  (died 7 October 1940 at Noorat)

SILVESTER, Robert Thomas  (died 7 October 1943 at Portland)

SILVESTER, Serena Owen (died 26 January 1953 at Camperdown)

SIMMONS, Edward  (died 20 September 1918 at Melbourne)

SIMPSON, Janet  (died 19 February 1920 at Bondi, N.S.W.)

SINCLAIR, Jane Roderick (died 5 January 1900 at Casterton)  

SKILBECK, Mary-Ann  (died 22 January 1915 at Port Fairy) Sister of Richard SKILBECK

SKILBECK, Richard (died 12 May 1924 at Koroit) Brother of Mary-Ann SKILBECK  

SLEEP, Mary Stanton  (died 3 November 1923 at Portland)

SLOAN, Susan  (died 9 February 1918 at Hamilton) Wife of Thomas SLOANE

SLOANE, Thomas (died 22 May 1910 at Hamilton) Husband of Susan SLOAN  

SMITH, George (died 8 September 1916 at Byaduk) 

SMITH, George (died 16 August 1917 at Casterton)

SMITH, James (died 5 July 1914 at Bringlebert South) 

SMITH, Maria (Died 18 September 1897 at Hamilton) Wife of George Reynolds RIPPON; Mother of George Reynolds RIPPON Jnr and Herbert Edward RIPPON New

SMITH, Sampson (died 26 January 1917 at Caramut)

SMITH, Silias  (died 5 July 1915 at Hamilton)

SMITH, Thomas Webb  (died 29 July 1914 at Branxholme)

SPALDING, Isabella  (died March 1907 at Warrnambool)

SPALDING, Jessie Cairns (died 25 September 1944 at Cobden)

SPENCER, Frederick  (died 16 November 1923 at Hamilton)

SPIKEN, Hannah  (died 3 August 1936 at Portland) Sister of Mary Jane SPIKEN

SPIKEN, Mary Jane  (died February 1934 at Warrnambool) Sister of Hannah SPIKEN

SPRING, James (died 24 August 1916 at Bochara)

STANSMORE, Harry George (died 2 September 1916 at Camperdown)  

STAPYLTON-BREE, Robert Edwin Windsor Sandys  (died 17 September 1907 at Hamilton) Husband of Anna Maria HENTY

STARK, Jane (died 5 June 1917 at Mortlake)

STARRIT, James  (died 3 October 1889 at Portland)

STEVEN, Johanna  (died April 1925 at Heywood)  Daughter of Jane LAMB and Mother of Isabella REID

STEVENSON, Elizabeth  (died 3 August 1938 at Coburg)  Sister of Joseph Tyson STEVENSON

STEVENSON, Joseph Tyson (died May 1938 at Hamilton) Brother of Elizabeth STEVENSON  

STEVENSON, Ruth (died 25 March 1918 at Colac)

STEWART, Christina  (died 21 September 1921 at Hamilton)

STODDART, Thomas  (died 20 February 1905 at Ballarat)

SUTTON, Arthur Harold  (died August 1935 at Portland)

SWAIN, Mary  (died 19 December 1941 at Camperdown)

SWAN, Jane (died 29 July 1918 at Lismore)  

SYMONS, John  (died 10 July 1914 at Hamilton)

TAIT, James (died 28 December 1880 at Camperdown)

TALBOT, Bridget Priscella  (died December 1904 at Hamilton)

TARRANT, William (died 6 February 1946 at Cobden)

TATE, Hannah  (died August 1935 at Portland)

TATLOCK, Thomas Henry (died January 1918 at Hamilton) 

TATTERSALL, Thomas  (died 24 April 1894 at Ararat)

TAYLOR, Maria Jane  (died 20 March 1939 at Portland)

TEHAN, John (died 10 September 1953 at Terang) 

TERRILL, Emma Watsford  (died June 1948 at Hamilton)

THEISINGER, Jacob  (died 13 September 1901 at Portland)  Father of Phillip Henry THEISINGER

THEISINGER, Phillip Henry  (died October 1942 at Portland)  Son of Jacob THEISINGER

THOMAS, Thomas Edwin  (died 21 January 1909 at Casterton)

THOMPSON, Margaret  (died 2 September 1919 at Horsham)

THOMPSON, Thomas  (died 17 November 1945 at Portland)

THOMSON, Alexander (died July 1897 at Hamilton)

THOMSON, Annie (died 14 June 1930 at Hamilton) Daughter of James THOMSON AND Christian ARMSTRONG; Sister of John, Mary and William Armstrong THOMSON; Wife of James Allan LEARMONTH 

THOMSON, James  (died 25 April 1910 at Hamilton) Husband of Christian ARMSTRONG; Father of Annie, John, Mary and William Armstrong THOMSON 

THOMSON, John  (died 27 March 1894 at Melbourne) Brother of William THOMSON, Uncle of Robert Erskine THOMSON

THOMSON, John (died 3 August 1917 at Melbourne) Son of James THOMSON and Christian ARMSTRONG; Brother of Annie, Mary and William Armstrong THOMSON  

THOMSON, Mary (died 20 May 1939 at Hamilton) Daughter of James THOMSON and Christian ARMSTRONG; Sister of Annie. John and William Armstrong THOMSON 

THOMSON, Robert Erskine (died 18 July 1948 at Benalla) Son of William THOMSON, Nephew of John THOMSON (died 1894) 

THOMSON, William (died 17 July 1892 at Hamilton) Father of Robert Erskine THOMSONBrother of John THOMSON (died 1894)  

THOMSON, William Armstrong (died 3 May 1943 at Portland) Son of James THOMSON AND Christian ARMSTRONG; Brother of Annie, John and Mary THOMSON

THORNTON, John  (died 16 December 1919 at Mount Myrtoon)

TOBIN, Michael  (died 13 November 1916 at Murtoa)

TODD, Agnes  (died 5 January 1917 at Casterton)

TOOGOOD, John  (died 18 January 1917 at Hawkesdale)

TOWNSEND, Matthew  (died January 1916 at Portland)

TRANGMAR, George  (died 25 April 1917 at Melbourne)  Brother of James TRANGMAR

TRANGMAR, James  (died 16 December 1888 at Portland)  Brother of George TRANGMAR

TRIGGER, James  (died 25 April 1945 at Macarthur)

TULLOH, William  (died 19 July 1889 at Portland)  Husband of Eliza May KEARTON

TUNNOCK, James Thompson  (died 16 June 1933 at Hamilton)

TURNBULL, Adam  (died January 1905 at Coleraine)  Brother of George TURNBULL

TURNBULL, George  (died 19 November 1917 at Hamilton)  Brother of Adam TURNBULL

TWOMEY, Daniel (died 30 December 1891 at Penshurst) Son of John Joseph TWOMEY; Brother OF Edward and John TWOMEY  

TWOMEY, Edward (died January 1907 at Melbourne) Son of John Joseph TWOMEY;  Brother of Daniel and John TWOMEY 

TWOMEY, John  (died 30 June 1918 at Lilydale) Son of Joseph Joseph TWOMEY; Brother of Daniel and Edward TWOMEY

TWOMEY, John Joseph (died 1 December 1879 at Carlton) Father of Daniel, Edward and John TWOMEY  

TYERS, Daniel  (died 15 March 1915 at Byaduk)

TYNAN, Mary Clare (died 25 December 1917 at Casterton) 

UEBERGANG, Charles (died 18 January 1918 at Warrnambool)  

UREN, Nicholas John (died February 1872 at Hamilton)  

UREN, William  (died 19 April 1914 at Berringa)

URQUHART, Alexander Wilson (died 20 September 1911 at Myamyn) 

URQUHART, Roderick Robert (died 18 May 1917 at Hexham)  


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