Loads of Links

Have you checked the Links page lately?  There are loads more links.

You will find links for historical, family history and genealogical societies from across Western Victoria.  There are Cemetery links and of course all the Western District newspapers that are now online at Trove.  That list is growing rapidly.  I have also labelled recently added links with New”.

I have recently added Facebook pages to the links page because there are several societies that have started pages that are proving very popular.  Check out the Mortlake & District Historical Society or the Port Fairy Historical Society pages for some great photos and biographies.  It would be good to see more of the societies taking their lead of taking history to the people.

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It’s not only the “Links page” where you will find links at Western District Families.  Throughout my posts you will notice underlined text. Click on the link and you will find more information about the subject.  It may be another post about the subject, sites such as the Australian Biographical Dictionary and Victorian Heritage Database or maybe an article at Trove.

When writing Passing of the Pioneer posts, I do a Google search on most subjects or the property they resided at, just to see if there is more information about them.  So, if you find one of your ancestors listed in Passing of the Pioneers, you may find something else that I have dug up about them, maybe even something you didn’t know…

Checking my site stats for “link clicks”, I found the most clicked newspaper article to date has been that an Obituary page from The Horsham Times of January 22, 1904.  The article was an obituary bonanza with obituaries for William Gardiner, Mrs Jean Miller, Joseph Jelbart and Mrs Rachel Hedditch and they each appeared in the January 2012 Passing of the Pioneers.  Close behind was an article from the Cairns Post of February 1, 1935 about the clipper, Marco Polo.

The most popular newspaper title clicked was the Portland Guardian and Normanby General Advertiser (1842-1876) followed by the Portland Guardian (1876-1953).  The top two sites were Ian Marr’s Cemetery of SW,  and Daryl Povey’s Glenelg & Wannon Settlers & Settlement.

If you know any great Western District sites or Facebook pages, let me know and I will be happy to add them to the list.  Also let me know if you notice any of my links are broken.

Get Clicking!

Image Courtesy of the State Library of Victoria, Argus newspaper collection of War photos WW2.  Image No. H99.201/919 http://handle.slv.vic.gov.au/10381/52886

Image Courtesy of the State Library of Victoria, Argus newspaper collection of War photos WW2. Image No. H99.201/919

2 thoughts on “Loads of Links

  1. oh my dear! that photo has just reminded me of 1960 Victorian High School Red Cross Volunteer Groups. we had little red capes! and a badge! (which we purchased – probably the entire point for them). we knitted blankets and saved stamps and aluminium milk bottle tops.

    Sadly I must advise that your WD Links page link to Ballarat Cemetery searchable database is a 404. It’s dead. An ex link.
    Deceased. Gone to God.


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