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What a thrill it was to learn of my nomination for Blog of the Year 2012, particularly as the nomination came from a blogger I greatly admire, Pauline Cass.  Pauline has been a great supporter of Western District Families, often leaving positive and encouraging comments.  In fact, she is second only to my other wonderful commenter Ann in the number of comments she has posted.  Pauline is also something of a mentor as she is one of the geneabloggers that shows me how its done.

On her blog, Pauline wrote my nomination was for…commitment to documenting the pioneers from the western districts of Victoria, Australia, not just her own families” and  I am grateful for that recognition.  When I dreamt up this blog it was to be entitled “My Western District Families”, hence the URL, however I thought that was too narrow, considering the many other interesting Western District families with fascinating stories to tell.   It has been great to hear from readers, not related to me, who have found a reference to their ancestor on my blog.

Since the latter half of 2012 I have been extremely time poor and I have unfortunately had to curtail my blog reading, but there are several blogs I read when I do get a moment.   I have narrowed those down to three blogs that I would like to nominate for Blog of the Year 2012:

FAMILY HISTORY 4 YOU – Sharn White – Sharn’s blog is quality.  She is an excellent researcher and her posts are informative and thought-provoking.

GENIAUS – Jill Ball – Like Pauline, Jill has been a great mentor to myself and other Australian geneabloggers.  She travelled a lot in 2012 and there were times I missed her daily presence in my life via her blog and social media, but she is back for now and for that I am glad.  Whether it be a review,  a family story or a geneameme, Jill inspires so many of us.

GOULD GENEALOGY & HISTORY NEWS – Gould Genealogy –  When time is short, the Gould Genealogy blog, which I have on a RSS feed, keeps me updated with the latest in the genealogy world.  In 2012 there was also the Family History Through the Alphabet challenge  which kept me and many others inspired, writing or reading some of the great contributions.


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15 thoughts on “Blog of the Year Award 2012

  1. Congratulations Merron!!! … You may have missed it but, just prior to Pauleen’s comment, I also nominated you for this same award. This means you are now entitled to two stars on the award. If you go to the “thought pallet blog” (rule 3) you can read about this. So… it’s double congratulations and well deserved 🙂 Cheerio, Catherine


  2. Well deserved. I enjoy reading your blog too – as a ‘displaced’ Wimmera girl (now in Sydney) and with Western District ancestors, it gives me a little touch of ‘home’.


  3. a well-deserved nomination, congratulations. Your research detail is impressive with every post, and I would comment more if I could think of one with more depth than “that was terrific”, which is what I always think after reading (and I do read them all, except for skimming over anything about fires or animals having a bad time).
    There is a Eugene von Guerard painting c.1845 of a huge flash fire which swept across the WD, possibly near Jos Ware’s MINJAH. It’s difficult to study and admire though.
    best regards and good luck from me


  4. Well done Merron, I always enjoy reading your blogs, even if I sometimes have to skim. Always impressed by how you find the time to do all the research!
    Best wishes


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