Trove Tuesday – Let’s Celebrate

It’s time to celebrate Trove Tuesday.

Image Courtesy of the State Library of Victoria.  Image no.  H2010.137/14

Image Courtesy of the State Library of Victoria. Image no. H2010.137/14

On Tuesday August 21, 2012, Amy Lehmann wrote a post on her blog, Branches, Leaves & Pollen called Trove Tuesday – Love, Life and Death in Newspapers.  The aim of her post was to show what  treasures are found on the Trove site that “add a bit of extra colour” to our family history research.  Amy then invited other bloggers to join her the following Tuesday to share their Trove treasures.  The next Tuesday, August 28,  nine other bloggers, including myself, joined Amy and Trove Tuesday was away.

Not all the treasures I have shared over the past 52 weeks have been about my family.  Most have been quirky snippets I’ve stumbled across while researching my family or hunting up pioneer obituaries.  You would have to agree animal articles seem to catch my eye most often.  There have been articles about a feisty dog, a lost kaf (sic), hopping kangaroos and jumping sheep, a slippery snake and a incredibly long snake, a hare hunt and a cat on the hunt.  There was also some “beautiful hair” that could have comfortably housed any of the above critters.

Morality and matrimony also had a good run.  Who could forget Reverend Gladstone of Nathalia and his aversion toward married women attending dances.  There was bottom drawer tips, hints for wives and daughters and those popular Commandments for Husbands and Wives.  Then there were the ladies of the night from Geelong…

The five most popular Trove Tuesday posts over the past 52 weeks are:

Trove Tuesday – Matter of Relativity.

Trove Tuesday – Hamilton Then and Now

Trove Tuesday – Advertisements

Trove Tuesday – What a Newspaper is…

Trove Tuesday – They Say

My own Top 5 favourite Trove Tuesday posts are:

Trove Tuesday – A Lady Motorist

Trove Tuesday – Whispering Wedding Bells

Trove Tuesday – UFO Alert

Trove Tuesday – A Little Chatter About A Magpie

Trove Tuesday – From the Heart

I am looking forward to another 52 weeks of Trove Tuesdays and with all the new papers at Trove there will be many more weird and wonderful treasures to share.  Thank you to Amy for coming up with the idea of Trove Tuesday, we have all enjoyed participating.  Check out Amy’s blog for all the Trove Tuesday posts of the past year.

Image Courtesy of the State Library of Victoria.  Image No. H36852

Image Courtesy of the State Library of Victoria. Image No. H36852

9 thoughts on “Trove Tuesday – Let’s Celebrate

  1. how funny that right under your image of the ladies with ‘send-off streamers’ there is an ad for princess CRUISES. how did you pull that off?
    Younger readers may not realise that passengers on departing ships threw a roll of very long streamer to their relatives on the dock and each end clung ferociously as the ship moved away. symbolism and tears for a separation of 12 weeks at the very least. ah the good old days before jet travel.


  2. Thanks so much for joining in! Merron, you are the most consistent of all the Trove Tuesday bloggers (which is good for keeping me on track) – and you always have something interesting to share. I am amazed at what Trove Tuesday has become, and I am very grateful to the amazing “community” it has created!


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