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There has been some negative spin about Blogging awards over the past few days, however I felt that it would be remiss of me if I did not acknowledge my third nomination for the Blog of the Year 2012.

Aillin for Australian Genealogy journeys nominated Western District Families.  Aillin wrote:

“Many of Merron’s quality posts are obviously the result of many hours research on her own and other families of the Western District of Victoria, Australia”

Thank you so much Aillin.  To be nominated by you along with some highly respected blogs was a thrill.

Regardless of what others may think are the negatives of blogging awards, I appreciate every nomination I received and greatly admire the blogs I in turn nominated.  It is great to be recognised by one’s peers and, hey, it means I’m doing something right.

That’s enough about awards from for now,  I’ve got a Trove Tuesday post to write.

4 thoughts on “Last Word

  1. that old saying “things come in threes” – and you do deserve the acknowledgements MR. There is a ‘thrill of the chase’ when tracking down details and evidence and you are relentless and impressive.

    All that ‘linking back’ to skew search results seems silly to me.
    best regards.


  2. Merron you definitely deserve the nomination. I’m remiss that I don’t comment very often & must apologise for that, but I always read your posts. I enjoy & appreciate your research and passion for the Western District. You are correct – this nomination knows you are doing something very right


  3. Of course I agree with the three previous comments Merron because I was one of the people who nominated you for an Award… 🙂 and I don’t make my decisions lightly. Be assured of that!!!
    I found Caroline Pointer’s article re: Blog Awards, which Aillin posted, most enlightening Medrron and not negatibve at all, although some have taken it that way. Maybe you might be able to find a little time to drop by soon Merron and see how the discussion, generated by Caroline’s blog post, is progressing and in largely a positive way 🙂 If so, just go to: Cheerio for now, Catherine.


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