Z is for…Zero, Zilch, Zip

The Gould Genealogy Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge has reached its zenith and I have nothing to offer.  My main purpose of this post is to thank Gould Genealogy  for running the challenge for the past 26 weeks and although I have only contributed four posts, they have all been great fun to write.

Congratulations must also go to those who were able to offer a post for every letter from A-Z with such zest.  A fantastic effort and I have enjoyed reading many of them.  All the posts are at Gould Genealogy & History News under each individual letter.

I possibly could have come up with a few more myself, but with time constraints I thought I would just highlight a couple of letters that meant the most to my family history.  Initially that would be letter “H” and “R” but  two other letters inspired me along the way.  In case you missed, my posts were:

“H” is for …

“I” is for…Investigation

“M” is for…Methodist

“R” is for…Riddiford

For the letter “Z” I did consider Zumsteins, a lovely little place in the Grampians known in the past for its kangaroos.  I enjoyed visiting as a child but it is only a small part of my family history.

I will take this opportunity, however, to mention that Zumsteins celebrates 100 years of settlement this year.  Sadly, because of  bad flooding in the Grampians during the early part of 2011, birthday celebrations are postponed until 2013.  Zumsteins was badly damaged and a culture heritage overlay has, apparently, delayed restoration plans.

The exciting part is the Horsham Historical Society are producing a book to mark the occasion.  They are looking for photos and memories of Zumsteins.  If you would like to share, please contact the Horsham Historical Society

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