Trove Tuesday

What a great success Trove Tuesday was.  If you would like to see all the posts from last week, go to Amy Houston’s blog  Branches, Leaves and Pollen .

For the purpose of Trove Tuesday, I have decided to work through some of the “tags” I have at Trove.   I tag a lot of articles for no other reason than I find them interesting.  As a result, I have a lot of tags.  It is a type of online hoarding.  I can’t get rid of them because you never know when I might need them.

So, along with posting them here, I have created a list at Trove entitled “Miscellaneous“.  Like I need another list, but I do find them useful for certain types of information gathering. Tags are great for others such as collecting obituaries for the monthly Passing of the Pioneers.   Importantly, I am going to put a note on each list entry about the subject of the article so I can easily find them again when I view the list.  That is a tip from my upcoming book “Learning the Hard Way”.

As I have used Trove pretty much from the beginning, I have forgotten a lot of the articles  such as the one I have chosen this week.  I had tagged it with “Bochara sleepwalking shearer 1876”.  Understand why I need to do some work on my tags?    Bochara is just out of Hamilton.

COUNTRY NEWS. (1876, December 14). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1956), p. 7. Retrieved August 30, 2012, from

2 thoughts on “Trove Tuesday

  1. What an amazing story Merron. The poor fellow must have been a bit overworked though, to be able to do all that in his sleep he must have been very familiar with it. Shearers must be the hardest workers in the world I think.


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