Lots to Like About Local History

Despite all the L’s, this is not a post for this week’s Gould Genealogy’s Family History Through the Alphabet challenge but rather an acknowledgment of one of the posts for that challenge.

Sharn White’s post “L for Local History”  is one that I wanted to share as she reinforces the value of an understanding of local history when researching your family’s history.

Sharn says:

“Knowledge of local history can place our forebears into a geographical, economic, religious and social context. Local history plays a valuable role in family history research”.

“It is this type of broader understanding which provides us with a much closer perspective of our ancestors’ lives and which puts the meat on the bare bones of our family history research. Local history makes family history more than just a family tree.”

Recently I nominated Sharn for an Illuminating Blogger Award and this post is further justification of that and, as I mentioned at the time, Sharn’s posts are well researched and this is no exception.


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