More Illuminating Blogger Award Excitement

How lucky am I?  Two nominations for an Illuminating Blogger Award.

Earlier this week  Kerryn from AncestorChasing nominated me and yesterday Jennifer from Tracking Down The Family contacted me to tell me she too had nominated me.  It is great to get recognition from my fellow geneabloggers.

Jennifer wrote in her post:

I think Merron  at Western District Families and I started blogging at about the same. I find her blog which focuses on the Western  District of Victoria very interesting, especially the obituaries she regularly posts. I have no connection to her area, but Merron makes me wish that I did when I see all the information about the area and it’s families that is shared on her blog.

I appreciate Jennifer’s comment a lot as it affirms to me that my blog, which focuses on a relative small geographical area, can appeal to those who have no family link to the Western District.

My blog provides snippets of Western District history dispersed among the stories of my family.  The aim behind this was to help those who found they had  family from the Western District learn something of such a historic part of Victoria.  Having some knowledge of local history is so important when putting together your family’s history. It is flattering to know that those with no link to the Western District can find my blog interesting.

But I really must not take all the credit.  Thank you to all the pioneers of Western Victoria who left such wonderful stories and of, course  Trove , a favourite website of so many.  Being able to illustrate my posts with newspaper “clippings” from Trove is so important in making Western District Families work.

Jennifer mentions that we started blogging around the same time which gives us something in common.  However, I have always felt I have another connection to Jennifer. Of the geneabloggers I follow, Jennifer lives the closest to me with both places having very similar histories.

Thank you again to both Jennifer and Kerryn and if you missed my six nominations for an Illuminating Blogger Award, you can find them here

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