Mr Mortimer’s Daughters Postscript

Today, while browsing my Twitter timeline,  a post come through from Sally Shine who tweets as @CanIFindThem.  Sally mentioned she had found a person she was looking for on the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries website.  Of course, why had I not gone there in my search, albeit brief , of Gwen Mortimer’s death.

Across to the site I went, entered the surname Bos, with the exact name search box ticked, and bingo, there she was.  Gwen died on February 9, 1989 and there was also an Anthonius Franciscus Bos.  This may be my Mr A. Bos.

I had looked on the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust website earlier this week, and I did find an A. Bos at Fawkner Park, but no Gwen.  It has now reminded make better use of the Delicious “Cemetery” tag I have.  If I am unsuccessful on one cemetery link, it is quick and easy to click on another, as they are all listed in one spot and I won’t overlook any that are relevant.

I really like the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries site because not only does it cover several cemeteries, there are also different search options: by surname, first name, date of birth, date of death, location of grave. I have also searched for June and John Taggart and  found both their cremation records.

Later on I noticed a tweet telling me Sally Shine is the current GeniMate, so I was glad to read about the person behind the enjoyable and useful @CanIFindThem tweets (and she has a cute profile pic).

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