Hamilton’s WW1 update

Sometimes it looks like little is happening on this site, but I’m often here updating and, hopefully, improving it. One of my recent updates has been the Anzac Avenue page. You may remember Anzac Avenue, Hamilton’s lost avenue of honour was the beginning of Hamilton’s WW1 and I’ve since recorded the details of other memorials around Hamilton. You can see the new look page below.

I have also added a supplement to the page about the location of the avenue, and it’s not exactly where the current sign stands. You can read more on the link below, or follow the link from the Anzac Avenue page.

The Hamilton’s WW1 page below will take you through to pages about other memorials and avenues of honour around Hamilton and the stories of Hamilton’s men and women who volunteered for the Great War.

I still have much to do on these pages, mostly housekeeping. For example, the links to the Trove newspapers at the bottom of the biographies are no longer working as they should. The links go to a page of tagged articles in chronological order. They still go there but the page will look like this:

If you click on the cross beside “sortby:dateAsc”, the articles will appear. They come up in order of relevance but you can click the sort button at the top of the list to change to “Years (earliest first)”. I have about 170 of those to fix, so eventually they will be as they were.

Earlier this year, the National Archives of Australia (NAA), shut down the Discovering Anzacs site. All the Hamilton’s WW1 biographies have links to the service records at Discovering Anzacs, so now they don’t work either. It was a wonderful site and more user-friendly than finding records on the NAA site.

The NAA is planning a new site that will incorporate both WW1 and WW2 service records. Since that announcement, like Trove, the NAA has secured funding so hopefully it won’t be too long before the new site is up and running. If you liked Discovering Anzacs, it is now archived on Trove’s Web Archive on the link- Discovering Anzacs. You can read more about the decommissioning of the site on this link-NAA

Soon Hamilton’s WW1 will have two new pages. One for the Hamilton YMCA Roll of Honour, and another will have a full Roll of Honour with the names from all the memorials in one place.


2 thoughts on “Hamilton’s WW1 update

  1. Hi Merron, My 3 sons great grandparents were Walter Henry Boxer and Isabella (Willis) Boxer. Would you happen to have any information on them please? My ex husband didn’t know that side of the family and I’m trying to find out information so our sons know about there ancestors. Regards Anne


    • Hi Anne, thank you for contacting me. What a wonderful ancestor your sons have in Walter. His story, for me, is a stand out. Most of what I have about Walter is on his post, but if you are able to email me on wdfvic@gmail.com, I should be able to give you a little more about the Boxer family. Regards Merron.


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