Passing of the Pioneers

It’s Women’s History Month and since I haven’t had time to write something new, I’m sharing the March 2017 Passing of the Pioneers post with the obituaries of thirteen women from across the Western District.

Western District Families

It’s Women’s History Month so I thought I would have an all female Passing of the Pioneers. Men have dominated past Passing of the Pioneers posts so I didn’t think it was going to be easy. However, I managed to find thirteen obituaries of some amazing women including sisters.  There was a common theme with several losing their husbands at an early age, leaving them to raise children alone. There is also extra information for most of the women so click on any underlined text to read more about the subject.

Mary DRISCOLL – Died 3 March 1908 at Portland. Mary Driscoll was born in Kent around 1828 and later married James Wadmore.  The couple came to Australia on the ship Constant on her maiden voyage for shipping agents Messrs S.G.Henty & Co with James acting as doctor’s assistant on the voyage. They arrived at Portland Bay on 24 February…

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One thought on “Passing of the Pioneers

  1. Hi Merron. We have turned the Wallacedale, we remember you page into a group as well. Your knowledge of the are through your years of research and family history is a very much appreciated tool that we use in some posts. If you do have any issues with the group would you please let me know, as the last thing l would want is to upset anyone. Especially a valuable resource like yourself. We would be honoured if wished to become a member. We have another resource who has joined the group(who you would know) and the amount of history provided by them is remarkable. Thank you once again for your documentation of history for this whole region. Regards, Phillip Graham. Mount Napier.

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