News you say?

If you have dropped by my Western District Families Facebook page since Thursday you will have noticed it’s looking slightly different.  I’m sure you’ll be surprised as I to learn Facebook thinks my page is…wait for it…a news page.  

Photographer: John Henry Harvey c1900. Image courtesy of the State Library of Victoria

As you’ll know, most of the news I share is as old as that in the photo below.

Photographer: Lindsay Cumming c1910s. Image courtesy of the State Library of Victoria

The page may or may not be back. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens over the coming days…or weeks. On the bright side, this site has nothing to do with Facebook and can continue as normal. After all, this site is the WDF’s Facebook page’s reason for being.

You can stay connected with Western District Families by subscribing here. Each time I publish a new post, you will receive an email notification. I have lots planned for the next few months with March being Women’s History Month and April is Western District Families’ 10th birthday and, of course, Anzac Day.

The Hamilton’s WW1 Facebook page is still active and I’ll start some regular posts there, and don’t forget the Western District Families YouTube channel.  You’ll not only find videos I have made, but also a great playlist of videos relating to Western District history.  You can find the playlist on the link-Western District History

Besides that, I’ll continue to receive my news by traditional means…

Photographer: Joseph Dunne c1928. Image courtesy of the Museums Victoria Collections

…and I’ll wait.

Photographer: Victorian Railways c1947. Image courtesy of the State Library of Victoria


7 thoughts on “News you say?

  1. Hi I am the great granddaughter of Joseph and Martha Emerson and I have recently visited Cape Bridgewater where my great grandparents settled from Northern Ireland in 1800s. My great grandfather Joseph came out in his 20s and great Granny was 6 when she came out with her parents the Wilson family and siblings. More siblings were born at the Wilson’s property which is heritage listed at Cape Bridgewater on Nicoleson St. I grew up as a child visiting Cape Bridgewater with my mother and Nana as her mother Martha Matilda Emerson was born on the Emerson property at Amos Road Cape Bridgewater and Nsna became the local primary school teacher there until she met William Lelievre who was a teacher from NSW. They married and Martha my Nana moved to Hawthorn where my mother Joan and sister Lindsay were born. The Emerson house is still at Amos Road Cape Bridgewater under the salt bush and hidden and as my mother told me last time I was there age 16 that one day the house would be enclosed and preserved for ever. From what I remember it was intact and I think it most likely still together under the bush. I have talked to the owner of the property Mr Alex Coats as I’m interested in heritage listing the house if possible. He has the original title of the land from my great grandfather and I have the original maps of all subdivision and the names of those given land. I also have inherited photos and my mother wrote her life’s story and her life going to the Cape. I would love to preserve the history of my family heritage as it’s precious and would like to connect with others who have her stage here. I was hoping this may be an avenue. Cheers Kathy Bennett

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