4 thoughts on “Christmas 1950s style

  1. I’m speechless. what a post.
    How sophisticated those food photo stylists were, overwhelmed by “the glamour of the Olympics”.
    If they had seen any recent Olympics it would have made them faint.
    or recent food. some of those plates look scary. Of course 1956 was the turning point for society here, because Olympic chefs stayed here and changed the way we eat.
    Love the beach photo with the beer in the hot sand. Thanks MR

  2. Merron I am working on my children’s stories with activities that I will self publish and doing a Children’s Stories Challenge and blogging progress on madonnamm7.wordpress.com I would like to ask permission to use a 1950’s toys black and white advertisement page above Cox Bros. It gives an idea of what toys looked like and money used. The story is called To Be Friends. I will follow your blog on WordPress. I look forward to your reply.

    Regards Madonna

    • Hi Madonna, I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to reply. These newspapers held at Trove are out of copyright, but if you are publishing on your blog, you just need to cite the Trove reference. Thank you for following. Merron

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